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Running has been one of those things that I have battled getting into but I know its great for calorie burning. Its been an on and then a long off but finally I have been getting back into it at a slow pace.  At least I can run 5k in just under half hour! Over the Christmas holidays in Cape Town which is summer where you want to look hot but you find you just eat and drink everything. I came across the Redrock training app that offeres a variety of training plans but weight loss is what I need. I have put on 6kg’s yes that’s a lot and I need to get it off quick sharp. This app is definitely going to get me there.

I used to be one of those people that didn’t really think about what I really needed to out into my body. I have been drinking hot water and lemon for ages but that was really enough to kick start my day. My mum has been a real inspiration for me and kicking my ass into gear to eat right and to make sure I exercise. The C9 detox helped me really get my head into gear, and now well I am training like crazy and starting my day eating right. It can be quite daunting stepping into a health food store because really the choices are endless. In this post I cover key benefits to some of the superfoods out there and how they can help you.

I decided last month to set myself some goals to work towards and really stick to them. I always make so many promises to myself at the beginning of the year but find I actually don’t follow through. Last month I set myself some new goals and have been so proud of myself that I followed through especially when it came to my heath and fitness. This month its about following through sticking to being healthy but also set my work goals.

Today I embark on a 9 day Aloe Vera juice detox after a super long holiday where I basically over indulged on food and drink. Its the first time I have tried any kind of detox in my life and I was a little scepitical at first to try but I am doing it any way. Firstly I knew Aloe Vera was good for your skin but I really never thought about drinking it. I actually never realised how amazing it actually is until my friend who is helping me with the C9 detox explained all the benefits. Basically it will change your life health wise and I am super excited about how I am going to be feeling over this detox and how my skin is going to improve too.

Being away really helps you to take a step back and look at life what you are doing and where you want to be. This year has been lots of change. I have lots of new exciting things I have planned that is totally out of my current industry. There comes certain points in your life where you need change or need to do more with your life. I changed my career to a makeup artist in my early 30’s and now I just want to do more. Its definitely a bit of world domination or just a finger in a few pies. To inspire myself I decided to write to about my July Goals and maybe just inspire a few to make a change or make life a bit better.

After being overseas and totally over undulging on nachos, pasta, bread etc etc I stood on my scales and nearly fainted. Somehow I had managed to put on 6 kilos and with summer fast approaching that’s not great. Especially when I spend my life around model’s I needed to get super motivated. Its so hard getting your head in the game to start your diet or change your way of living. You really have to see it as a long term goal. I literally have been having a stern talk with myself the last few months. Finally my head is in the game. This may not work for everyone but it works for me as I can’t live on a high fat or carb diet. Its all about the protein for me. In the last month I have managed to shed 3 kilos which is pretty good going and I have another 3 to go. Its not easy and you have to have will power but if you really want it then go for it. This post is all about my tips on how to lose weight.

Since returning back from holiday and eating way too many carbs I have totally changed what I put into my body and get seriously healthy and back on track. I have never been one for making healthy meals my self and with the daily dietician plan I am on its inspired me to start doing things for myself. This week I decided to investigate some healthy breakfast options under 250 calories that I can of make myself and still feel like I am satisfied.

Being on holiday has literally been the worst thing for me food wise so I took it upon myself to research companies to see what was out there in terms of healthy food options that could be delivered to my door and help me lose some weight. With my job and being a mum of two its hard for me to pre prepare healthy food so I find myself reaching for unhealthy options especially on shoots and am pulling my hair out because I can’t lose weight. Daily Dietician based in both Cape Town and Joburg offers a lifestyle healthy eating option, pro athlete option, a low carb and high fat option as well as an option for pregnancy and kids. Its a company that seems to have a great reputation after asking around so I decided to go ahead and start my 20 day challenge today.

I have totally become dedicated in 2016 to working out and staying fit and I think its because I am turning 40 in April and its freaking me out a bit. Its basically been all about getting new workout clothes so that I feel good about how I look when I am off to the gym as we need to look good while working out right? Especially when the classes are full of models that I work with that are literally half the size of me.