I have been waiting to do a post like this for a while and now I have the lovely Tegan taking my pics I finally had the chance. This post is my 5 minute face with a red lip thrown in because it just lifts my whole look and makes me look so fresh. Even Tegan couldn’t believe how fast I did my makeup its been perfected over time especially when I have 2 kids to contend with every morning. I am one of those girls that doesn’t faff around for hours on makeup. My goal to look fresh and healthy with a glow thrown in.

Don’t you hate wearing a matte lipstick and you feel like your lips are so dry that your skin feels like its going to flake off? Sounds awful right? Well the Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks are seriously one of the most hydrating matte lipsticks I have yet to try. Super comfortable to wear and look oh so pretty on. With great on trend shades that really feel amazing on your lips.

This is literally one of my fav mascara’s the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I loved it from the moment the wand touched my lashes. For those of you who follow my blog you will know I bang on about how sad my lashes are. So of course mascara has literally been my best friend for a very long time. If I don’t put a few coats on I feel totally naked. What I love about the brand is they always get their mascara’s down to a T. Lots and Lots of volume.  I love that the Bad Gal Bang doesn’t smudge and make a mess like some do.

For someone like me who absolutely can’t live without mascara I needed to try this one out. Especially with a promise of a formula enriched mascara with aero-particles and described as ‘a super light technology derived from space technology’ – to give volume and a promise of 36-hour wear. Sounds amazing right???

It seems to be all about skincare and primers this week today I am chatting about the gorgeous Filorga Time-Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer (yes it is a mouthful). There is always the constant argument about primers should we or shouldn’t we but for certain skin types definitely needed. I really like this one because it not only smells super fresh but it really melts into the skin leaving skin feeling soft and super smooth.

I was recently asked about my go to product as a busy mum that I can’t live without. Well actually I currently have two products that are my glowing skin combo that makes me look fresh and naturally glowing. Ultimately its all about great looking skin and as the weather changes we need to change up the products we use. By combining my Prevage Anti Ageing foundation SPF 30 and my Bobbi Brown Golden Glow Illuminating Moisture Balm I have amazing looking skin. My tan is slowly fading which means pale skin for me which trust me isn’t a good look. With these two bad boys I look so healthy and my skin looks really flawless.

This gorgeous limited edition Red Door red lipstick has been launched in colloboration with Elizabeth Arden and Reese Witherspoon March on for Women. All proceeds from the lipstick go to the UN for Women. Its all about celebrating Womens Achievements and encouraging women to support other women. Back in 1912 Elizabeth Arden provided red lipsticks to the suffragettes marching on Fifth Avenue. Wearing red lipstick at the time wasn’t socially acceptable like it is now but to this day its a symbol for power and fearless women.

The March on Campaign advocates and honours women for ther ability for change and includes a pledge of $1m in support of their work. The red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden serves as a powerful symbol of unity and invites women around the world to support one another.

“There is real strength and camaraderie in March On and the feeling that we are in this together. By bringing UN Women, Elizabeth Arden and women everywhere together we can help change women’s lives around the world for the better,” explains Reese Witherspoon.

The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red is one of my fav reds. Its bold and freshens up your complexion so as well as looking good youy will alsio be heloping others. This limited edition is in stores this month retailing at R295. For me red symobolises being a woman and makes me feel powerful so get yourself down there and invest in this gorgeous lippie. Help and support women around the world. Or buy for a women in your life that inspires you in your everyday life. For me that would be my mum as she shows me every day no matter what, how strong she is and makes me want to be a better mother and person.

To find out more about UN Women and what it represents check out



Shahnaz x



With it being festival season in South Africa its always a good thing to pump up your makeup. I have Afrika Burn coming up and since its my first time I am on the fence with going pretty or totally crazy. These days there are so many festival makeup options but easiest is to use face glitters and sequins. In this shoot I did back in Jan we kept it really pretty with a touch of face sequins.

This look is the easiest to create all you need is Vaseline apply and then apply your glitter or face sequins. Take a large flat brush and apply on cheek bone and then up into the temple. If you going for the cheek bone keep it to one side of the face otherwise its too much. If you going for eyes then go wild and pop it on both. When it come to the eyes then use an eye glitter glue that will make it last so much longer.

For your festival kit get yourself some stars they sell that at card shops in Cape Town, a sequin glitter set, gem stones for the face, glitter glue and some Vaseline. I am still deciding which way to go but here are some subtle to a bit crazier festival looks I am loving.


Its pretty endless with the looks you can create. if you keeping the face glitter/sequin simple then maybe pump up the eyes with a smokey look or bright lips?

Will be posting Afrika Burn Festival posts leading up to April and a festival makeup tutorial will be coming your way.

What’s your festival makeup look?

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x

There is nothing quite like a dewy highlighted complexion. Its something I do for all my models when prepping their base. A liquid highlighter that you can mix into your foundation gives that fresh glowing look. Which makes the skin look so healthy even when its tired looking. My latest favourite is the Body Shop Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator and can be used for face, eyes and lips. Sadly there is only one shade so for the darker complexions this won’t work for you. But check out some of their other products that can definitely work for a darker complexion.

The drops of glow comes with a pipette so there is definitely no wastage. Its got a pink pearly finish so great for light to medium skin tones. There are a few ways to use of course mixing into your foundation is perfect for a luminous finish. However you can just apply to top of your cheek bones, cupids bow or apply onto the top of your eye shadow to give it that extra pop.

You can even mix in with your moisturiser if you are not going to be wearing a base or just going to the beach but still want a glow. Its a great way to refresh your makeup in the day. So pop in your bag and mix in with your foundation any time. For me this will be a great winter product especially when we are all looking a little on the pale side.

Available at Body Shop stores and clicks online the Body Shop drops of glow are definitely worth checking out. Check out their youtube channel  and see some of their amazing tutorials including a tutorial on the glowing complexion.

Shahnaz x



Looking to create that perfect red lip? Red lips are always going to be on trend its just a fact. Its a timeless classic look that just brings the whole face to life. There are of course lots of different shades to choose from depending on your skin tone. But pretty much most people can pull it off. Not only are there different shades but textures too which also determine how the lip will turn out. Sheer or bold? Blurred or just perfect? In this shoot I went with a perfect red lip that’s perfect for a party night out paired with gold eyes.


Now to create the perfect red lip you need your lip brush, liner and a good red lippie. Remember to make sure lips are hydrated before you apply your lipstick. I used of course a Chanel lipstick for this look the Rouge Allure Velvet no2. I am definitely a more matt type nof girl plus it looks more modern and lasts so you don’t have to reapply as much.

Line lips with a liner this will stop it from bleeding and creates the definition of the lips. Apply the liner onto the edges of the lips not just to the lip itself this will create the illusion of fuller lips. Then take your lip brush if you are doing someone elses makeup and apply all over. You can go back with the liner once you have applied the lipstick to define again. To really get that lippie to last blot the lips with tissue paper and apply the lipstick again. You can do this 2/3 times this ensures longevity.

A good lip brush is definitely required here. There are different shapes to choose from but one that has flat edges or slightly angled that fits to the shape of the lip will really work here. Alternatively apply the lipstick straight onto the lips and then use the brush to fill in the edges.

Here are some of the red lip trends for SS18 from perfect to imperfect:

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x


We are so used to seeing a normal smokey eye its been a thing forever. But every season we also see the under eye smokey (that’s what I call it). Its actually a lot cooler and great for the younger girls. Normally you see the waterline just filled in. But her you can get bold and work it under the eyes.  To give it a more lived in look you can blend so its a bit more blurred.