If you have sensitive or dehydrated skin then the new goodies from the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Range are definitely for you. Sensitive skin comes in different forms, for me I break out really easily and am sensitive to certain products. For others it could be red blotchy skin, irritation to fragranced products or skin that gets flaky. Sensitive skin can be due to stress (me), bad diet, pollution or just plain hereditary. Thankfully Dermalogica has come up with double combo solution the Calm Water Gel and the Defense Barrier Booster to help with all these issues.

When it comes to taking makeup off at night I need it to be quick and easy plus the product needs to get my mascara off too. The easiest way to do it without having to wash your face is a Micellar Water. They truly are amazing products that have made my life easier at home and at work. Introducing the new Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar the newest micellar product on the market, that will give others a run for their money. The product won’t break the bank and really truly works getting everything off your face.

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar

As we all know going to bed with makeup on is a big no no but we have all done it a few times even if we say we haven’t. So when you get back late and you need a quick fix then this is it. There are loads of micellar products on the market from other budget to high end brands but I have to say I am pretty impressed with this one. Plus who can argue with such an amazing price at R99.95 for a 400 ml bottle!

What I can say is it doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves my complexion feeling soft and smooth. Of course when you are doing your normal beauty routine at night and have more time wash your face first, then use the Nivea micellar water as it won’t get all thst makeup off by itself.  Remember  to also apply down your neck as if you are like me I like to blend my foundation into my neck area.

The Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar  contains Vitamin E that helps protect and smooth the skin, the micellar technology also manages to get the smallest particles of dirt and makeup which means a really deep cleanse. It removes without irritating and refreshes skin leaving a beautiful radiant glow. I often find some products leave my skin feeling dry especially as I suffer from dehydrated skin. Not this one and by using it every day my skin is feeling very happy.

Best way to use the product apply to soak a cotton wool pad and then apply all over. Of course you will need 3/4 pads depending on how much makeup you wear. You may need more if you have stubborn mascara to remove as well but all in all this product really does work a treat. For all you Boiderma fans out there I would definitely give this one a try as it really does work as well. Plus you just can’t compare price when the Nivea is a 400ml bottle and the Bioderma is 250ml and there is over R100 price difference.

Shahnaz x


Now if you are like me and you get seriously hydrated skin during winter then you need to be upping your game when it comes to skincare. The SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat which is infused with Vitamiun C may just become your new best friend. I love masques and I love that they can totally boost your skin. Plus give you back the glow and hydration needed.

The SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat available at Clicks retails at R595 so its mid range on price but really worth the investment. I love that it comes in a pump so no wastage and starts off as a mousse but when masaged it changes. The masque has a really high concentration of Vitamin C (yay), antioxidants that encourage collagen production, plus brightening properties. All these are needed for dull tired skin that needs a good boost. As well as Vitamin C the masque has 4% of gluconalactone that exfoliates the skin but doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. There is a little bit of tingling but really nothing that hurts or makes skin go red. So basically this bad boy helps brighten skin and also hydrates and plumps due to the hyaluronic acid. It smells pretty lovely so that always helps.

Once you have massaged in the masque give it 15 minutes so take a break have a cuppa or a glass of bubbles while you wait. Or you can apply before bed and leave on while you sleep as all the magic happens at night. If you leave in skin feels realy smooth and plumped so happy days. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

Shahnaz x

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and went for my first Nimue Micro Needling Treatment at Body Works in Claremont. Not gonna lie I did try put it off as who wants a roller of needles dragged across their face? But my therapist Chantal promised me it would be quick and the skincare benefits were well worth the pain. The honest truth it was painful when we started especially on my forhead. I almost jumped off the bed and my breathing was pretty erratic not a pretty sight. However it did get easier as we got to my chubby cheeks!!!

So lets first start with why micro needling?

According to Chantal the needles help separate the skin cells and allow for collagen production. As you all know as you get older the collagen production reduces meaning wrinkles and saggy skin. Not great getting old right? The treatment is done in sections on the face and each time the roller goes over the area the therapist then applies the relevant skincare. Chantal broke mine into 2 anti- ageing and pigmentation as these are my skin concerns. So while the skin cells are seperated the product applied gets right into the dermis.

The long term results promised include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. I asked Chantal how long does it take to see results and she told me after the first go. What I can say that after my redness went down and I applied my makeup for date night my skin was glowing.

So the Nimue roller retails at R700 and last for 6 sessions which is basically 6 months worth of micro needling treatments.

As you an see its got small needles all the way around that gets rolled all over. Now before the treatment gets going a numbing cream is applied all over. It does make you feel a bit weird but trust me you need it. However it does NOT stop the pain. The forehead and chin area are the worst parts because they are the boney areas so prepare yourself.

Me before the micro needling began and you can see I look calm and really have no clue what’s coming my way. Chantal also had the 2 different skin treatments ready so she could apply after each section was done.

At this point my forehead was on fire and I may look calm but I wasn’t really. But it was over pretty quick and bless Chantal I said the F word quite a few times. As well as the face the decollatage and neck gets worked on. Its ticklish on the neck so I had to have my head held down.

Straight after the needling was completed I had the anti-aging collagen mask to help boost my skin. My  face was really warm after the treatment but the mask really helped relax me and cool my face down.

This is how I looked after the mask:

I looked like I had been working out for an hour but actually the redness was gone after about an hour. The finished result was my skin actually looked really great.

So for the total treatment is R700 that last for 6 months and each facial costs around R750. If you go for the anti-ageing mask then its extra but Chantal kindly gave it for free for my first go. I think she felt a bit bad that I was in pain.

You can do a 6 month course or do it every month its totally up to you. I am going to give it 6 months and if my skin keeps improving I suppose I am going to have to deal with my monthly painful visit.

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x

Another beauty from one of my favourite brands introducing the Filorga Oxygen-Peel Re-Oxygenating Micor-Peeling Lotion (yes its a mouthful). Its a combination product that is being sold as a peel. However I definitely think its a combo of a toner and exfoliator that hydrates and smooths out skin. Its infused with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pure hyaluronic Acid so a great anti-ageing product. Perfect if you are in need of revitalised and hydrated skin and just want that all over glow.

Now with the Oxygen part who knows if that actually works. The product contains “polysaccharides” that stimulate cytoglobin, a protein that “assists with intracellular oxygen storage and transfer”. I am not an expert on oxygen so thhis is something I can really comment on whether this really works.

The Filorga Oxygen-Peel (R520) is a chemical peel that should only be used at night to tackle skin’s imperfections. It does have alcohol in it so if that’s something you don’t like in a skincare product then this its not for you. What I can say its it doesn’t feel harsh on skin on application and doesn’t irritate at all. I love the fact that it has pure Hylaluronic Acid that plumps skin and gives skin serious hydration.

Its got a mix of 6 micro peeling agents (gylcolic acid, phytric acid, citric acid, saliclic acid, mandelic acid and gluconolactone) this combo works on reducing wrinkles, helping even out your complexion, improved radiance, reduce spots and wrinkles and gently resurface the skin. We don’t know what the exact mix of each acid is so its again something I can’t comment on. I think its definitely a product that you need to keep using to see the long term effects.

Its super easy to use with its pump action bottle. Take a cotton wool pad and pump the product and then apply all over your face after you have cleansed. Its definitely like a toner and feels a bit like one but with lots of added benefits. Its a product that is perfect for most skin tones  giving you brighter looking skin.

Shahnaz x

If you loved the Chanel Blue Serum you going to love the Chanel Blue Serum Eye, the bad boys of eye serum’s. I actually feel so blessed that I get to test out and play with the gorgeous Chanel products. I have loved the serum so much I haven’t even shared it with my models. The serum is super hydrating that my under area has never been happier. When I am tired its under my eyes that takes the most strain. My fine lines are more apparent and I get dehydrated. The Chanel Blue Serum has really helped me and I love love love it.

Now we all know Chanel doesn’t come cheap with the eye serum retailing at R1170. But its Chanel and their skincare is just gorgeous. Definitely an investment but when it comes to serums this is really where you should be spending your cash. Its super light and literally melts into your skin giving that gorgeous subtle glow. After application it makes it easier for my concealer to blend it so I look really fresh.

The serum was made to help women who wanted to keep the under eye area luminous, fresh or more youthful. Its defintely helped smooth out my skin as well as help with pufiness due to lack of sleep. It definitely saved me on my shoot last week when I was living on 5 hours of sleep a day!

The ingredients in the serum:

1.Green coffee PFA from Costa Rican green coffee: collected by hand, then sun-dried and extracted using PolyFractioning, it is renowned for its antioxidant properties.

2.Olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives: olive oil rich in essential fatty acids and olive leaf highly concentrated with polyphenols are combined by an oleo-eco-extraction technique to ensure a skin-protecting effect.

3.Lentisk gum extract from Greek lentisk: harvested by a local cooperative, the resin undergoes supercritical CO2 cold extraction to preserve its properties.

Its available in stores now so if you looking to invest then go check it out. Thanks so much Sarah for sending me the serum its truly gorgeous.

Shahnaz x

Thanks to Ruby Box I got to test out the gorgeous Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip balm. Not only is it important to look after your skin but its also key to take care of your lips. My pro makeup kit is filled with different lip balms and treatments because  models just don’t take enough care.  I find some lip balms can dry lips out but I was pleasantly surprised with the vanilla buttercream balm. Its super hydrating and actaully keeps my lips feeling really soft and smooth.

Now when you have an 8 year old daughter like me and you receive new goodies to test out you need to hide everything. Well this time I wasn’t so lucky and she got her mitts on one of them and now she is claiming its hers and she really needs it. Luckily I got 2 so we can both have 1 each. She was already applying this morning telling me how much she needs it. Clearly she loves it as much as I do.

I love the gold packaging and I love the subtle scent of the balm that reminds me of a vanilla dessert. The smoothing lip balm is enriched with Shea butter, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil to ensure your lips are feeling moisturized for 12 hours. I have yet to out it to the full day test but so far I am impressed and will add it into my stash of lip balms.

Its perfect to pop in your bag and hydrate on the go. Its colourless so perfect to add that natural hydrated look and keep lips hydrated throughout the day. If you wearing a matt lippie apply the balm before.

It won’t break the bank at R24.99 available at Clicks an Dischem. Definitely worth checking out.

Shahnaz x


Its gift time again with Elizabeth Arden when you purchase two products that are either a moisturiser, foundation or serum. You get this gorgeous pouch with skincare goodies to take home which is a pretty good incentive if you ask me.  Yet again the brand has come together with the Sparrow Society to make the pouches. If you want to learn more and do a little shopping then click here.The Society creates opportunities to train the disadvantaged giving them skills to create amazing products.

So what do you get in the bag?

My favourite in mini versions the Advanced Ceramide Daily Youth Restoring Serum for the face and one for the eyes. Plus a mini Superstart Skin Renewal Booster.

A mini Plush Up Gelato Lipstick in Strawberry Sorbet its a sheer lippie that is super hydrating and refreshing too.

As well as travel size 50ml Anti-Ageing treatment booster cleanser. I haven’t tried this one yet but super sxcited as am a massive fan of the prevage range.

The gifting started already this month and they are staggering over the next few months in different stores:

15 Jan to 4 Feb at Foschini
12 Feb to 4 March at Truworths
15 April to 6 May at Edgars and Red Square

Definitely a great extra if you looking to get new products adding extra value to your purchase. I love Elizabeth Arden skincare and makeup so really worth checking out.

Shahnaz x

The product I have been waiting for the Ren Perfect Canvas has finally landed on my desk. It launches in SA next month but I luckily got my hands on some with a couple more skincare goodies. The Perfect Canvas is the perfect finishing serum to ensure a flawless finish with your foundation. Of course you always have to prep skin so the combo of the Ren Flash Hydro Boost and the Instant Brightening Beauty Eye Shot Lift you are on to a winning combination.

I am starting 2018 with a healthy and as much as possible all natural start. I am focusing heavily on what I am putting in my body but also what I out on my skin. Skincare is a number one priority so that still hasn’t chnaged but I am definitely trying out new things. I bout the Eat Beautiful Book a few months ago by celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Honestly I didn’t really look at it but thought I should buy it because its Wendy Rowe. Well the book is amazing with so many amazing food recipes and break downs of fruits and veg etc and how it can sort out all different issues with your body. The one thing I really wanted to try was to make the Rose Water Toner. Its super easy to do and a really effective for your skin.