I am starting 2018 with a healthy and as much as possible all natural start. I am focusing heavily on what I am putting in my body but also what I out on my skin. Skincare is a number one priority so that still hasn’t chnaged but I am definitely trying out new things. I bout the Eat Beautiful Book a few months ago by celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Honestly I didn’t really look at it but thought I should buy it because its Wendy Rowe. Well the book is amazing with so many amazing food recipes and break downs of fruits and veg etc and how it can sort out all different issues with your body. The one thing I really wanted to try was to make the Rose Water Toner. Its super easy to do and a really effective for your skin.

We all know I love anything Chanel and this time its their latest offering the Chanel La Creme Main. Its a handy hand cream that comes in this sleek gorgeous packaging that will make your hands feel so amazing. It literally pops into your handbag or even a small clutch bag so you can take it everywhere with you. I have never been that great with hand creams when it comes to myself I am not sure why but this makes me want to apply all day long. Its totally chic and is a definite must have.

Its almost that time of year in South Africa and summer is just around the corner so its time to think about makeup and sunscreen. This post is all about my summer tips for your makeup. For me as it gets really hot I like to keep it light so that my makeup still feels comfirtable and my pores don’t get blocked. Its definitely the time to switch up foundations that are lighter on the skin and sunscreen suscreen and more sunscreen. I love to keep everything fresh and light so working with creams for blush and eyes is also a great way to keep everything light.

I am now in the second phase of the Nimue 12 Week challenge which means introducing the Nimue Active Lotion. I am seriously really happy so far with how my skin looks and feels so super excited to see what my skin will be like at the end of the challenge. One thing I can say its really helped me up my beauty regime game at night time. I can be pretty lazy at night but with the challenge I am literally using like 4/5 products. Now with the indroduction of the active lotion its only going to get better.

The new Filorga Oil-Absolute literally just landed on my desk and I just couldn’t wait to share. I am a massive lover of facial oils so couldn’t wait to try. For my shoot for UK sports brand Lucas Hugh my model needed a little hydration so this was the perfect opportunity to out it to the test. Its the perfect solution for exhausted skin that needs that extra love. What I love is that its not super oily like some facial oils, it literally melts into the skin making it look so beautiful. The Oil-Absolute is the first oil serum that’s a six-in-one that reactivates the skin and corrects all the signs of anti-ageing:

Last week I started my Nimue 12 Week Challenge in the hope that after the 12 weeks I will see a massive change. The program promises that after 12 weeks of using the selected products day and night plus 4 facials I won’t have to wear any makeup. Now this is really a big promise as I never leave home without a bit of base. My skin comes under the classification as hyperpigmented. I have pigmentation from my pregnancies plus lots of freckles and sun spots. I also get dehydrated and have a tendancy to breakout on my chin area.  The challenge costs R6000 (real value R7200) to take part although lucky for me I get to take part for free and report back to all my followers.

Its that time of year that you want to change your makeup and get glowing and a little bit bold. I already chatted yesterday about the new light Estee lauder Double Wear Water Fresh Foundaton that super light for the weather change. But not only should you switch up your foundation you need to look at items like lipstick, bronzer, blush and switching up your eyes. Even your skincare can change going for more hydrating products especally if you live in a hot country. This post is all about a few of my spring makeup essentials and inspire you to switch things up a little.

The Revlon Youth FX range is one that I am really excited about. I am not a huge primer fan but I have actually been brought over to the primer side with this range. What I love is that there are two primers one for the face and neck and one solely for your forehead and both are totally different textures. The range known to fill and blur the different areas of your face is just perfect for me since I am now over 40. They all work in combination with each other to create an overall flawless look. Developed with a combination of soft focus powders that scatter the light, blurring imperfections, micro-sphere fill in wrinkles that hopefully make them less visible.

Its actually been a while since I have tested out any Ren skincare products but its always been a brand I really love. I do love a smask its a beauty step I never miss out. Whenever anyon asks me what should they invest in I always say a good mask and serum. Ren are launching some amazing products with their most recent the Ren Ultra Comforting Mask. Its great for all of you that have sensitive skin just like I do and I promise your skin will feel happier for it.

Skincare is just one of those things you don’t leave out when it comes to looking your absolute best. For every shoot I literally pile that skincare on because base just doesn’t look great if you have prepped. I came across the gorgeous Eco Diva skincare range from another makeup artist and I just love it. I love that its all natural and I absolutely love how my skin and my models skin feels. If you have oily skin then this one may not be for you as the serum is an oil base and the cream is super rich. My skin just loves it as its super dehydrated at the moment. The two products combined together is known as the double diva glow moisture kit well I just say please!!!