Thanks to my good mate Yo I discovered the Body Coach (Joe) a UK trainer that offers lots of free exercise videos on Youtube. I love to mix up my workouts so that I don’t get bored and am always on the look out for great sessions I can do from home. My work schedule this time of year can be really hectic and going to the gym isn’t always  an option. Of course he has come really popular now so as well as the free workouts you can sign up for his 90 day plan of exercising and eating right.

This morning after a 20 minute run I did his 20 minute HIIT Cardio session that’s quick and easy to do all you need is a matt. If you check his youtube channel there is loads of content from beginner workouts to Intense fat burner workouts that’s next on my list this weekend. He is fun and actually not like your normal trainers it feels like you are working out with a friend.

If your time is seriously limited and you can’t get yourself to the gym or you just can’t afford it, then the body Coach offers some great workouts that you can mix in with other training you do. For me I have been mixing up by running with a friend, A sweat 100 session, boot camp if I can and some of these great home workouts. From this weekend while I am busy shooting all day I can come home and get my 30 minutes in by doing a couple of the Body Coach’s workouts.

To get you started for the weekend and get you fit for 2018 check out some of Joe’s video’s:

If you want to know more about him check out his website His blog features lots of lovely healthy recipes you can try out for free so combine the exercise and food and its a win win.

Happy Exercising.

Shahnaz x


If you’re looking for a volume mascara that will make your lashes go wow then the Lancome Big Monsieur Mascara is the one for you. It gives great volume to lashes that are in desperate need and totally open up your eyes. If its one thing that I never leave home without is mascara. I suffer from barely there lashes that need a serious pick me up and this one is the business. I have been testing the mascara on myself as well as models and beacuse Shannon (model above) looks better in pics than I do I thought I would use her image instead of mine.

Its the first time ever I have tried the famous Clarins Double Serum and after usinf for one week I could see my skin was glowing and a lot softer. I really struggle with dehydrated skin and with my busy schedule I need all the help I can get. It truly gives me the hydration I need. I love love serums they are such an important part of my beauty routine. Definitely a step I never miss out on. I have been wanting to try the Clarins Double Serum for quite some time so was so happy when it landed on my desk to try out. There’s been some mixed reviews on the serum by some big bloggers in the UK but I have to say I personally really like it. Its been re-invented a few times so I can’t say if its better than it was before.

Clarins sell the serum as an intensive anti-age serum with over 20 plant extracts that boosts the skin’s vital functions. Plus ensure a more youthful look and a radiant glowing complexion. They promise reduced wrinkles and fine lines but I am always sceptical about these promises. I have never found a product that really reduces and fine lines. The double serum definitely makes my skin look good and when I come to apply make up I have that gorgeous glow going on.

The serum is mineral based product that holds two different serums in seperate containers. Its lightweight and melts into skin on application. It is perfumed but even though I am sensitive to smell I can actualy handle it. The double serum reactivates the skin’s 5 vital functions: protection, hydration, regeneration, nutrition, and oxygenation. Together, these functions work to boost* radiance, collagen production, and hydration while also fighting stress, aging effects, and pollution. It supposed to be for all skin types but if you have sensitive skin or oily skin it may not be for you.

Active Ingredients:

1.Turmeric Extract – distinguished for its anti-aging properties.
2.Katafray extract and Hyaluronic Acid complex help to restore the skin’s water reserves for comfort and softness.
3.Kiwi extract boosts the skin’s nutrition for suppleness.
4.Pistachio extract help to reinforce skin’s barrier function for protection.
5.Extract of Maritime Pine and Organic Musk Rose oil help oxygenate the skin for increased radiance .
6.Extract of Organic Green Banana, Lemon Thyme and Bocoa help visibly reduce wrinkles and increase firmness.

Its definitely on the pricey side at R880 so its definitely not for eveyone. If you are like me and like to splash out on certain products then you may consider this one.

Shahnaz x

My recent shoot for MRP accseeories shoot I needed to add a little pop to the makeup. We all know that MRP is a youthful brand where the models have a fresh face and never too much makeup going on. The easiest way to add a pop of colour is normally eyes, cheeks or lips. When it comes to the darker skintones a pop of colour liner really works a treat. Blue eyeliner or anything blue for the eyes has always been a favourite of mine. And guess what the drugstore brands are catching on giving us some beautiful shades and textures. So here are a few favourite blue drugstore eyeliners that I wanted to share:

I think the key to applying foundation is to make your skin look like skin. You don’t want to look like its caked on (which I promise so many do and its not pretty). The best is when someone tells you how amazing your skin looks and what do you use to get it looking so good. You want people to actually think its your natural skin and thats how you look all the time. So this post is about how to apply foundation like pro and make it look like you know exactly what you are doing. I get hired a lot for shoots for the no makeup makeup look so skin looks even and flawless but still looks really natural. So here are my tips on getting your foundation right:

Face masks are a must when it comes to your beauty regime. Its something you really need to consider if you aren’t doing this already and it needs to happen 2/3 times a week. Of course there are a whole load on the market for all different skin concens and at different price points. The right face mask can help with pores, hydration, deep cleanisng and basically ensure that your other beauty products work efficiently as products are absorbed quicker and deeper.  When it comes to my skin I am mostly looking for a mask to hydrate, give that extra glow to my skin and anything that helps with anti-ageing. So these are some of my favourite hydrating and anti-ageing face masks that do just that:

Looking for a gorgeous palette that won’t break the bank that has colours for day and night. Love the latest Maybelline Blushed Nude Palette that has some really pretty colours especially the bronze and pinks. Its a palette that you can work all year round with its petty colours and perfect for a smokey eye with the intense dark shades. Its a palette that will definitely work for most skin tones. LOVE.

This post is all about the Avene Eau Thermale Spring water spray and its benefits. Rather than do my usual posts where I write them all up and post some pics I decided to film a quick video chatting about how great the spring water spray is but also showing you the spray in action. Its one of those products that has multiple uses whether you have sensitive skin or you just need to cool down. Its one of those items everyone should have in their beauty stash.