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Eating Right August Goals

August Goals

I decided last month to set myself some goals to work towards and really stick to them. I always make so many promises to myself at the beginning of the year but find I actually don’t follow through. Last month I set myself some new goals and have been so proud of myself that I […]

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July Goals

Being away really helps you to take a step back and look at life what you are doing and where you want to be. This year has been lots of change. I have lots of new exciting things I have planned that is totally out of my current industry. There comes certain points in your […]

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My Tips on Losing Weight

After being overseas and totally over undulging on nachos, pasta, bread etc etc I stood on my scales and nearly fainted. Somehow I had managed to put on 6 kilos and with summer fast approaching that’s not great. Especially when I spend my life around model’s I needed to get super motivated. Its so hard […]

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