How to Achieve The Beachy Wave

How to Achieve The Beachy Wave

Its that time of year where we will be on the beach or at pool parties and want to be looking good.  We all wish we could wake up like with hair that looks we just stepped out of the hairdressers. In this post I am chatting about how to achieve the beachy wave using a wand and a couple of hair products. I got to test out the Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray in this pool shoot and I have to say I really love the effect.

OK so here is how you can create the look?

You need a wand that has a wider barrel and then becomes slimmer at the end this can help create the more zig zag effect. The wand I used is a Babyliss one but there are different ones out there as well. Alternatively you can use a normal tong but the effect will just be a little bit different. You may just want to spritz in the salt spray and then tong to make it more defined. Here I did it differently.

I like to spritz hairspray to give texture to the hair so as you take each section mist it with hair spray. I love the L’Oreal Studio/ Pro (available at Clicks) it really hold the hair without making it sticky. To create the wave wrap the hair around the wand but twist it so that it creates the more zig zag effect rather than just a normal curl.


Once you have finished then you want to finish off with either a salt spray as it gives that feel as if you have stepped out of the sea and you have that more real effect rather than you just have had your hair styled at the hairdressers. I used the Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray it doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky but really works with the hair to give it some gorgeous texture.  Take sections and spritz the salt spray and then flip your hair forward give the hair a good shake and then flip back.

There are drugstore alternatives to the Balmain salt spray as this one retails at R540 so its definitely on the pricier side but really does the trick.

Shahnaz x


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