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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

So 2015 is all about getting fit for me I have started really strong and hope to keep it up. Keeping that in mind I want to inspire my readers to get fit and feel good on the outside and have great well being and of course a really hot body! One of my things is the abs especially after having 2 kids I am seriously working on sorting out the wobbly belly and getting some definition so when I am on the beach that I am not so self concious of myself. So here are some hard core ab workouts on youtube for you to try at home some are a little cheesy but you get the drift:

The 10 Minute Ab Workout: How To Get A 6 Pack┬áits 10 exercises at 30 seconds each twice over its all packed in there and can be added to your other exercises or if you haven’t got a huge amount of time you can do this really quickly 3 times a week to get your way to a six pack.

The P90 Ab 2 Ripper X is one of those hard core ab workouts and trust me its pretty intense but after doing this 3 times a week you will be thanking me. For some reason I could only find the workout on a Japenese site. Its all about working the core and getting an amazing belly and hopefully bye bye muffin top don’t give up after the first time and push through as its not easy.

10 Minute Killer Ab Workout is all about working the core as well as helping you to lose some weight at the same time. Its 20 ab moves packed into 10 minutes 30 seconds on each workout.

The Pop Sugar 5 Minute Ab Workout is a quick little workout that you can easily do at the gym after you have worked out. Its all about working the abs standing up so its a little bit different to the usual ab workouts.

Jillian Michaels Six Week 6 Pack Ab Workout is the mother of all ab workouts is longer than the others its a 35 minute workout so if you really serious about your abs this has it all as its an all rounder workout that is working your abs and your whole body at the same time.

Happy working out people.

Shahnaz x