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Today I embark on a 9 day Aloe Vera juice detox after a super long holiday where I basically over indulged on food and drink. Its the first time I have tried any kind of detox in my life and I was a little scepitical at first to try but I am doing it any way. Firstly I knew Aloe Vera was good for your skin but I really never thought about drinking it. I actually never realised how amazing it actually is until my friend who is helping me with the C9 detox explained all the benefits. Basically it will change your life health wise and I am super excited about how I am going to be feeling over this detox and how my skin is going to improve too.

If you thinking its going to taste good you are wrong it doesn’t. Its not the worst taste I have ever had but its up there. Don’t mix it with water you will only prolong the bad taste just know it back. I am starting with 120ml 4 times a day during the actual detox and after that I will maintain my body with about 80/100ml a day. It looks actually a bit like lemon juice and its best drunk cold so store in the fridge.

So why is it so good for you I hear you all thinking?

Basically it contains internal benefits for the body as the pulp is rich in fibre and nutrients that’s all natural. Its known for its internal healing, cleansing and repair benefits when you drink it. It’s also amazing for your skin and increases your energy levels.

1.The juice is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants which is essential for our body. I am terrible when it comes to taking vitamins and am forever forgetting so I am hoping that this will be something I can keep in my beauty routine. The only Vitamin not present in the gel is Vitamin D.

2.The Aloe Vera juice basically has create digestive benefits that helps protect the lining of your stomach, helps repair ulcers as well as irritable bowel syndrome. Yes all horrible things to think about but important none the less. Its also great for boosting your appetite and keeping a check on your weight.

3.By drinking the juice you are flushing out all the toxins. Drinking it first thing before you eat anything will really help clean your system.

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4.Need healthier skin and hair then the aloe juice also helps with this issue as well. The juice helps maintain smooth and radiant skin as well as promoting hair growth.

5.It helps boost imminity and great to help battle with seasonal changes. So if you are one of those people that gets sick easily like me then you definitely need to add this to your life.

If you are pregnant then its not recommended but otherwise go for it. Once I finish my C9 detox next week I will keep you all posted and see if I survived.

Shahnaz x