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revlon and maybelline

Been busy testing out a couple drugstore brands Revlon and Maybelline to see if I can acheive a flawless complexion. Here I combined the Revlon Colour Stay Full Cover Foundation which is matt and the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer. I am absolutely in love with the concealer it works a treat its definitey good bye dark circles. The foundation actually looked good on my skin but it may not be good for everyone. When I wear a matt foundation I make sure I have really hydrated my skin with a good skincare routine. The trick is that skin doesn’t dry out.

Suprisingly I managed to find a shade that was close to my complexion No 330. The Revlon Cover Stay Full Cover Foundation (R179) comes in 14 shades ranging from nude to mahogany. As far as I know the whipped foundation was discontinued and the full cover was launched. I didn’t get to try the whipped so I can’t give an opinion on the difference.

I think when it comes to a matt foundation obviously not everyone can wear it. Its meant for combination to oily complexions. A matt foundation for me as I am combination looks good if I have kept my skin really hydrated. The coverage is fairly good but its NOT as full cover as some other foundations I have tested out. It definitely evened out my complexion as you can see in the pics. Takes away any redness but you can still see my pigmentation coming through. You will need extra concealer to get a fuller coverage.

Its super light so doesn’t feel heavy or make your skin feel tight like some matt can. Revlon promises up to 24 hour coverage that is sweat and heat resistant. I can’t say it lasts all day maybe if you go with a primer and a setting spray/powder. I definitely needed to re-apply later in the day. Its not a 100% matt either even when I do my usual skincare routine other matt foundations are more matt. So if you are are oily in complexion it may not work as well so one you would need to test out on your skin first.

You don’t need a massive amount a couple pea size dollops will cover your whole complexion. You can apply with sponge but gives a more sheer coverage or a brush. Here I opted for a brush and worked the foundation from the centre of my face outwards. A find a brush normally helps with a fuller coverage. I liked how it looked on my skin personally.

The Maybelline Instant Anti Eraser Concealer (R197.95) is gorgeous on. I love that it has a sponge applicator so you can press into the skin and then blend in. The concealer totally erases dark circles and redness under the eyes. I struggle more with darkness under the eyes and this one really works a treat. I went for the shade buff as there were no testers at Clicks really annoying by the way. I took a guess and actually got it right. Being a makeup artist it becomes easier to work out shades without testing. But not great for the average customer who has no clue.

The concealer has a unique formula that contains haloxyl, which counteracts skin thinning, as well as vitamin C-rich goji berry, which brightens skin. The finish really is dewy which I love and I feel my skin is really hydrated after application.

It has a twist applicator and as I mentioned a sponge I don’t actually blend it in with the sponge I use a beauty blender or my fingers. Its got a medium/full coverage and doesn’t cake or crease. Its a thumbs up for me and will definitely purchase again and again.

The finished look I think my skin looks natural it doesn’t look like I am wearing a load of makeup. You can see my pigmentation still so it really isn’t full cover. My skin looks pretty dewy but it could also be due to my skincare routine which is excessive and all about the glow.

Shahnaz x