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gua sha

The facial roller was what I was actually first introduced by from Nicole at Petrichoroils. I had seen it all over instagram and always wandered did it actually work? My Rose Quartz looks super pretty and is really therapeutic. However, the  roller is not the same for me as the Gua Sha is. I started investigating the benefits of the roller and came across the Gua Sha and the video I included. I really struggle with stress in my neck plus being in my 40’s I need all the facial massage I can get. The stone gives me both skincare benefits as well as releasing all the tension.

The Gua Sha has been described as “the botox of the east” as it helps firm skin as well as all the other benefits. I keep mine in my skin bar so that I get the extra benefit of the cool stone on my skin. The stone helps with anti ageing, helps products get in deeper, boots circulation as well as trigger regeneration.

The stone comes in different shapes but you will always find it has a curved side, a flat side and a side with edges that helps with the massage and the jaw line. The shape really helps hug the contours of your face where the jade roller doesn’t. It works to brighten, tone and tighten and helps with puffiness as well. Who needs a face lift when you haver your Gua Sha instead?

Not only does the Gua Sha have facial benefits it also helps firm your neck, release tension as well as help with Lymhatic drainage. Its also meant to help with breakouts as well.

So the tip is to start from your neck, shoulders and then your face. Rather than do my own tutorial I included in this post a full tutorial on how to use properly and for the best results. The stone really helps relieve tension so you can then enjoy your therapeutic facial massage and just start the day right. Remember always work upwards.

You can use either morning or night I like to use the Gua Sha in the morning. It will really help with the absorption of your serum, facial oil and your moisturiser. I love to apply after Vitamin C serum as its oil based and makes the massage so much easier. An oil works best for me as its the most slippery. Remember when using the stone not  to drag too hard across your face. You want the best results but don’t want to damage yourself .

The stone comes in either Jade or Rose Quartz and each stone is meant to further supplement the skin as well as enhance your mood. Rose Quartz is thought of as the stone of love and is also believed to have the ability to remove “toxic” energy from your body and soul. As well as having wrinkle reducing benefits.

Where as the Jade stone it is believed to carry healing energy that can help balance your own inner energies, relax the nervous system, and bring about a sense of harmony and balance. In terms of functionality, it helps with reducing puffiness and encouraging lymphatic function. You basically can’t go wrong with either stone as they both have great benefits.

I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoy your Gua Sha as much as I do.


Shahnaz x