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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its always nice when you get your hands on some makeup that really isn’t going to break the bank and is so pretty once you have it on. Makeup doesn’t have to be rocket science it just has to be about enhancing your features or adding pops of colour to make your complexion look fresh and awake.

I personally try keep my day time look as minimal as possible its only when I venture out at night do I get more adventurous. But I do love a lip as it always transforms my overall look. Now if you haven’t had a try of Avon then it may be a brand you will consider. Its not like other brands where you can just pop into your local chemist and have a look this one you either order online or through a local rep.

I got sent quite a few makeup products to play around with so I thought I would share my look for the day with some of the items. This is what I went for:

The Avon luminous blush in peach (R129.95) is a pretty blush for all year rounds its great in winter when you need to add some colour to your paler complaxion and great in summer to enhance your tan. It applies beautifully and has a great colour pay off with a pretty subtle shimmer.

Avon blushFor the lips I went with the Avon ultra colour lip crayon in showstopper pink (r129.95) its a bold pink that it creamy in texture and also has a shimmer. It glides on beautifully and you don’t need to apply too much as one application goes a long way.

Avon lipsFor my lashes I used the Avon big daring volume mascara (129.95) but I was a little disappointed with this one as it took quite a few coats to get some volume to my lashes and even then they weren’t as thickened as I wanted so definitely not one I would go for again.

Shahnaz x