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Affordably Style your Vanity Table

Since I started working with Tegan Smith on shooting for my blog I have slowly started dressing my vanity table to make it look pretty for pics. In this post I wanted to share how to affordably style your vanity table with MRP and H&M.  These brands make it super easy to add pretty pieces to your vanity table. MRP is amazing for all the fake plants, candles and inspirational pictures. H&M is great for jewellerey boxes, picture frames and cute pieces like my pineapple that I keep some of my bracelets in.

The picture frame, jewellery box are from H&M its always a great way to add detail. I keep a picture of our first dance from our wedding as that nice extra touch. Plus it makes me feel good when I am beautifying myself. The jewellery box (R149) adds a pretty detail with my current rings that I wear plus it matches the frame. H&M Home has great pieces that you can add detail to your home whether its your vanity table, your coffee table or your dining table. The pieces don’t actually look cheap and what I love is that you won’t break the bank.

MRP Home has got so many pieces that add the extra detail. I love the inspirational quotes that are great to have on your shelves or in this case my vanity table. I chose “love everyday” because we can get swept up in the stress of every day life. When I sit at my vanity table I can look at my quote relax and then make myself look pretty. Plus the gold words match my H&M pieces.

If you are looking for a brush holder they have cute pots at R99 that work perfectly and look really cute. You can see I have a gold theme going on so that all the pieces match each other. They stock all sorts of pieces from bowls to perfume bottles its really up to you how you want to dress your table.

There is a whole array of fake plants, I can’t have a real one because I am literally the worst at keeping plants alive. Their selection has gotten a whole load better in the last few months. A plant just adds a different dimension to the vanity table making it just look really pretty. I love my little rabbit plant its cute and adds some fun to the table (also great to have in your kids room too).

MRP Home have a whole range of candles too. I love this one because its not like your usual candle because its in a jar. Plus I love the inspirational quote it adds some fun to the table. Most pieces I bought cost between R50-R150 rand which is so affordable.

The only really expensive piece is my art deco mirror because I love a gorgeous mirror. But again both  brands have great mirrors you can use for your table. Alternatively if you fancy some lights on your miussor check out instagram makeupbowtique for her rose gold mirror with lights at R350!!!

I hope this how to affoirdably style your vanity table post gave you a little inspiration. Happy shopping.

Shahnaz x