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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Introducing the amazing Chanel Blue Serum that launches this month in SA. This beauty of a serum landed on my desk last week and it was love at first touch. Its a serum for all ages and all skin types with a new approach to youthful skin. Normally I wait a month of testing before I even contemplate writing a review but as soon as I started using the serum my skin already feels amazing. The most important part of my beauty regime is my serum and its one I am never without and this one well once it finishes I may cry a little.

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Yes here I am with not a stich of makeup not even mascara. But I wanted to show what my skin looks like after application and after a short time of use. The glow is absolutely gorgeous for me and I haven’t even applied a moisturiser on top. My skin looks fresh and awake and feels like silk. My complexion definitely looks healthy and I think after continued use its just going to get better. Now we all know Chanel isn’t cheap and the Blue Serum retails at R 1710 so definitely an investment. But if you are getting to an age like me that preserving your skin is key then this may be the one for you.

So why is it called Blue?


Well the resaerch done by Chanel was in the “blue zones” such as Costa Rica, Sardina and Japan where the people live longer and have healthier lives. In these regions the food is of higher quality, people are more relaxed and social bonding is key. All these things help with lasting youthful skin. Where as most people are stressed, eat badly, don’t sleep properly and just don’t look after themselves. As I mentioned in my health post yesterday what we out in our bodies is just if not more important than what we put outside.

After all the research was done by Chanel they discovered 3 raw ingredients:

  • Green Coffee from Costa Rica due to its antioxidants
  • Olives from Sardina which are rich in fatty acids
  • Lentisk from Greece known for its regenerating power

All these combined together improve cellular longevity and activates youthful looking skin. The serum acts in 4 ways that I have pretty much chatted about where skin is smoother, softer, looks healthier and gets firmer. I can definitely say in the short time and you can pretty much see from my pic my skin looks healthy and more youthful even though I am almost 41!!!

To apply take 3 pumps of the serum and warm up with your hands before applying. Make sure you dab onto your forehead, your cheeks and along your jaw and chin and then massage in using finger tips.

Love Love Love. Will definitely be asking my hubbie to get me a new one by the time my birthday comes around in April.

Shahnaz x