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 Touche Eclat and Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter

These are 2 amazing products that are key staples in my kit and that I definitely can’t live without. Most people think that these products are used as under eye concealers or eye brighteners but their real purpose is to brighten certain areas of the face. Unless you have no dark circles under you eyes you can get away with using the Touche Eclat under you eyes but in most cases you must use it to brighten certain areas of your face and still use a concealer.

Here is how to use the Touche Eclat:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 19.50.40

Origionally the Touche Eclat only came in 1 shade now there are 7 which is great so more people can use the product. As well as an under eye brightener the Touche Eclat can be used in certain areas to lift your make up. The key areas for the Touche Eclat are as follows:

  • Along the bridge of the nose
  • Under the eyebrow
  • Inner corner of the eye
  • Outer corner of the eye
  • Along the smile crease line
  • Above the nose ¬†on the forehead
  • Around the mouth to really make your lips pop when lipstick has been applied.

The Mac Prep and Prime Brighteners comes in 3 shades Bright Forecast, Light Boost and Radiance Rose.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 19.51.08

These highlighters again are not in replacement of your concealer but to create definition after applying foundation and goes hand in hand with contouring. Use the highlighters in these areas to create beautiful definition:

  • Under the eyes in a triangle shape
  • Along the bridge of your nose
  • From the nose onto the foreahead into a triangle shape
  • Under your cheek bone
  • From under your nose to the top of your cupids bow
  • On your chin

Make sure once you apply these products with the bend you buff in the product to get the best effect. Will post a video soon on how to use.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

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