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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I decided last month to set myself some goals to work towards and really stick to them. I always make so many promises to myself at the beginning of the year but find I actually don’t follow through. Last month I set myself some new goals and have been so proud of myself that I followed through especially when it came to my heath and fitness. This month its about following through sticking to being healthy but also set my work goals.

My August Goals:

1.Today I finish my C9 detox its forced me to really look at what I put in my body. Plus I actually have to plan and cook healthy meals that will help with getting into shape rather than trying to live on a high protein diet. Trust me it wasn’t working. This month I am going to plan my meals each week so that I can continue with the weight loss and keeping my belly flat!!! I am definitely going to keep going on with the Aloe Vera I feel great and my skin also feels great. I ordered myself a new book Eat Beautiful by cleberity makeup artist Wendy Rowe and can’t wait to get started. Its all about eating right and treating my body right.


2.I have been excercising 4 times a week mixing it up with working out by myself and taking classes. I get so bored with doing the same things again. Suprisingly I have gotten back into running and listening to banging tunes really helps. I think when you are wroking out in the gym or running outside making playlists is really important. If you are wanting to get fit then create some music playlists that will really motivate you. Trust me it works.

3.I am working on my hair skills this month. Practicing my braiding skills from my hair course and shooting some cool personal projects. I am collaborating with jewellery brand Matter of Fakt to show case her ear/hair cuffs with a series of braids so watch this space. Plus I am back off to London again later this month to get my big hair/blow dry skills up to scratch. My goal this year is to become a hair guru. I will definitely be filming some hair tutorials which is a first for me.

4.I briefly mentioned last month about my new business venture I was embarking on. Its all about wellness which is different to what I have been doing the last few years but its so exciting. I am in the development stage of the business setting everything up with my business partner who already runs My Urban Retreat. We definitely be the offerening something different but if you are into wellness ┬áthen you are going to love what we are doing. Its still a little secret so can’t share more.

5. Discovering new healthy places to eat is definitely on my list. Yesterday I discovered Raw and Roxy in Cape Town (oh yes and spotted a celebrity as well). Its all about healthy eating with an amazing raw pizza and divine desserts. Its a veggie/vegan restaurant and even though I still eat fish and meat its a great way to stay healthy but eat tastey food. Goals to get to 61KG and stay there!!!

Whats’s your month’s goals?

Shahnaz x