Ooh I do love a face mist its a big part of my daily routine for myself and when I am on a shoot for the models I work with. Introducing the seriously hydrating Estherderm Eau Cellulaire Spray Cellular Revitalising (R306.95) . The lastest French brand has arrived in SA and its skincare is amazing and I have fallen in love with this face mist. I use it every day before I apply my makeup on and my skin glows plus my complexion is hydrated to the max.

I ask myself everytime I go to my highlighter stash do I have too many??? Others would probably say yes but its the one thing that I love most of all even more than mascara and bronzer!!! The choice of highlighters is endless and I am sure for those who aren’t as obsessed as makeup as I am where to start. This post I am sharing some of my highlighters favs and how to use them. I have lots that I love but seriously we would be here all day. So which do you choose a cream, a powder or go for a whole palette???

I haven’t included strobe creams in this post but I will be filming a video this week actually chatting about all things highlighters. Plus how to use a strobe cream to get a natural glowing complexion so don’t stress. So firs let’s start with cream highlighters and how they work:

First up the Mac Hyper Real Foundation which says its a foundation but its actually a highlighter. Confusing right? Its a liquid highlighter that comes in 4 shades from your light to darker skin tones. It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin plus has a high peral finish. These bad boys make your skin look amazing and brighter instantly. So if your skin is looking dull look no further. Its got a sheer to medium coverage and a little goes a long way. How to use? Apply with fingers or a brush on your key points and then apply your foundation for a gorgeous glow. Alternatively you can add some into your foundation for an intense pearly finish.

Benefit have a whole load of gorgeous highlighters I have featured in this post the moon beam highlighter but sadly its discontinued. However, you can get your hands on it in some countries still. The High Beam and the Sun Beam (which I also have in my makeup stash) are amazing on the skin. They come with a brush applicator so they are super easy to apply. I like to take the brush and apply 2/3 lines on the cheek bones, then blend in with a brush to get a seamless finish. You can apply before or after foundation application which ever you prefer. Also take a brush and apply some of the product to the bridge or your nose or cupids bow.

My Incredible Cosmetics You Glow Girl Irridescent Jelly is unlike any highlighter I have ever used before. I first spotted it on instagram and now its in my pro makeup kit. Sadly its not available in SA yet I got mine from Urban Outfitters in the UK for a bargain of £10!! With this one start with little and work the intensity up if you need as this has an intense glow going on. Best to apply with fingers or a sponge to get the finish you want. You can apply to cheek bones, add onto an eye look or even apply on lips. The jelly dries pretty quickly so you need to work it in as soon as you apply.  There are 4 shades in the collection of which I am going to try get my hands on when I go to the UK. Perfect for a beautiful glow all day long.

Moving on to some of my favourite powder highlighters:

Becca Cosmetics have it down when it comes to their highlighters. Currently I am swooning over the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone. I got some of their mini’s from the UK but you can get full size at Muse Beauty in SA. If you watch Nikki Beauty who is the brand ambassador in the UK you will see this highlighter in action. They have a selection of shades this one is for your fairer skin tones and its just so beautiful on. Its easy to apply and gives that lit from within skin. Apply with a brush onto cheek bones, brow bone, along the nose, cupids bow and your chin for that extra glow.

I literally can’t stop chatting about this highlighter its just so pretty on. Check out my shahnazlovesbeauty insta account to see it in action. Its the Mac Skin Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Show Gold a beautiful liquid powder highlighter that gives a lumiunous finish. I love love love it!!! There are 8 shades now available and seriuously I want them all. The finish is so pretty and this pink when it hits the light its so pretty. You can go sheer or build up your coverage depending on what you fancy.

Last up the Mac Irridescent Loose Powders are truly amazing on the skin. There are 2 shades in this shot I added in the newest shade Golden Bronze which is perfect for darker skintone, then Silverdusk which is a pale pink shimmery highlighter. The highlighter is a mix of mica pigments that really gives a stunning finish. Best applied with a brush to build up the glow but start with a little as it goes a long way. You can add to clean skin or over your foundation in all the key areas of the face. You can mix a little with your moisturiser or your foundation to give an all over glow.


A recent beauty shoot here its all about the glow and how highlighter can make your skin look amazing its as easy as that. Here I used a combo of skincare and highlighters to enhance the models skin. If you haven’t got a highlighter in your stash then get busy shopping. From your drugstore to your high end there is something for everyone.

Shahnaz x

Its been so long since I have filmed a makeup tutorial and I am excited to share my latest glowing skin makeup tutorial. I hate doing makeup on myself so from now on I am going to try and do tutorials on models as much as I can. I really wanted to show in this video how much I love skincare and how it can make your skin look gorgeous. When it comes to applying foundation everything just glides on beautifully and if skin looks good well everything looks good.

I have combined a combo of drugstore makeup, skincare with some more expensive brands. You don’t need to spend a fortune on all your makeup and skincare and be wise on where you splurge.

Hope you enjoy the video with the gorgeous Kayla from Fanjam:

In the video products featured:

Ecodiva Vitamin Hydramist 

Bioderma Hydrobio Serum

Alex Steinherr Pump and Glow Moisturiser

Becca First Light Priming Filter

Mac Face and Body Foundation

Mac  Studio Finish Duo Concealer

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

Makeup Revolution Life on the Dance Floor Palette

Soap Brows

Mac True Brunette Fluidline Brow Gel Creme

Too Faced Better Than Sex Macara

Mac Show Gold Highlighter

Revolution Ultra Glow Pro Palette

Clarins Limited Edition Bronzing Compact

Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Liquid Lip Laquer Finish in Tulle


Thanks to my lovely model and next week my day to night look with Kayla goes live.

Shahnaz x


I absolutely love my new Urban Decay born To Run Palette its one of the best palette’s I have had yet to date. The brand have given us lots of amazing shades to work all year round to create gorgeous eye looks. In this post I created a smokey eye look that I recreated from the New Years Day Party I went to. Its super easy to create with a mix of just 4 shades. I took the concealer from my Huda Beauty New Nude Palette but didn’t actually use any of the shades in this look.

We all know that wearing sunscreen especially on your face all year round is one of the most important things in your beauty regime. After attending an event where they chatted about sun damage the collaboration with Ruby Box and Solal Sunscreen couldn’t have come at a better time. Applying sunscreen to your face is so key to avoid serious sun damage to your face. Whether you wear makeup or not make sure its your last step in your beauty routine.  I didn’t even realise that even when its cloudy that your SPF till needs to be applied. Using phones on a daily basis also emits rays so remember what ever skin tone you are get that SPF on. 

I pretty much love all skincare products that Filorga send me to test out. The Filorga NCEF – Night Mask is no exception is truly a gorgous mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning. Its perfect for skin that’s tired and dehydrated and in much need after a hectic festive season. The mask has been described as “an 8 hour sleep in a jar” and was developed to improve the skin’s repair process while we sleep. So when you wake up skin looks more plump and has a gorgeous glow.

Elizabeth Arden is a brand that continued to impress me time and time again in 2018 with both their makeup and their skincare. The Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Liquid Lip Laquers came out at the end of last year and I did chat about them on social media. But I saved the post to start out the new year. The lipsticks have a different finish to the previous ones we have seen. The finish is intense and there are 5 gorgeous shades to choose from. There is a shade here for most skin tones but sadly missing a red lets hope they get one in the range soon.

There are now 3 new finishes the Lacquer (intense and non sticky), Cream (rich and satiny) and Gloss (soft shine finish). I got to play with the new lacquers and really love them. Here I am testing out the shade Seductress its a pretty pink raspberry shade that really suits my complexion. But I also love the Coral Infusion shade I am all about the bold colours especially when I am rocking a tan.

The Liquid lip lacquers are really hydrating that apply so easily onto your lips. The colour pay off is really great so you don’t have to apply a million layers to get the full effect. Each lippie comes in a really unique applicator where you have to click to release the lipstick. The applicator is a sponge that is shaped perfectly so you can apply easily all over your lips.

Already in stores the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Liquid Lip Laquers retail at R299. They are on the slightly pricier side but definitely worth checking out.

Shahnaz x

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that we are now in 2019 but here it is another year. Last year I really focused on creating a new fresh blog with pretty pictures and sharing products I love. I gave shahnaz Loves Beauty a new look and feel. This year I really want to give so much more so I really want to share my 2019 plans and goals. I know we all make new year resolutions and half the time never keep them. I know I have done that before. I have been blogging for some time now and I know I go through some ups and downs. I love it and then I hate it. But I really am focusing on making Shahnaz Loves Beauty better this year. Its going to be a year of focusing on a lot of makeup and videos will be coming your way.

There is nothing quite like applying a liptick to enhance my complexion than a bold lipstick. Some of my favourite makeup looks are super simple with a glowing complexion, groomed brows, loads of mascara and a gorgeous lip. Makeup DOESN’T have to be complicated and that’s what I always tell my friends and people I work with. Plus you DON’T have to break the bank with makeup either. So with that in mind I would like to introduce the Revlon Super Matte Lipsticks that really give my complexion a boost and seriously add to making me look fresh and glowing.

Its very rare that I chat about a fragrance because I am one of those people that just can’t handle women’s fragrances. I normally find them too strong and have just never been able to wear them. Until I got introduced to the Wild Olive Terra Flora Parfum at a launch not so long ago. I fell in love with the scent plus I love the story that is behind the fragrance itself. For those of you who don’t know about Wild Olive they create 100% natural perfume and cosmetic products inspired from African traditional age-old remedies and indigenous botanicals.

The Wild OliveTerra Flora Parfum (R2220) was created by Mariora de la Tara their in house perfumer for Kelly Ghahli. They first met when Kelly wanted to have a scent made especially for her husband and from there a friendship grew. Kelly’s dream was to have a scent made that would represent everything she has been though. Her story is quite incredible to learn more click on her blog Kelly also chats about her fascination with perfumes and how her relationship grew with Mariora click here to here how the perfume came about.

The Terra Flora Parfum is meant to promote a feeling of clarity, good vibes and self healing. It’s meant to help connect with your inner self. Its got a super subtle scent that actually becomes more subtle as the day goes on which makes it perfect for me. The packaging has been specially designed and truly is the perfect gift to give either yourself or someone you really love.

The great thing about the perfume is that its unisex and I love that its 100% natural. Its classic yet nodern and can be worn day or night.

Taken from Kelly’s blog here are the key ingedients and how they can help boost your mood, help calm you and just overall make you feel at peace. I personally really love how it smells and everything it represents:

The base-note and largest component of Terra Flora is Sandalwood, a material first used in India for spiritual ceremonies where it was used because of its quality of being able to ease the pathway to enlightenment.  A powerful mood booster and with many healing properties, Sandalwood was the obvious platform to support some 13 other exceptional natural oils contained in Terra Flora’s formulation.  

Marioara also added Frankincense, known as the godfather of perfume as it was first used by priests and holy men who believed it helped them communicate with the gods.  It has the ability to slow down breathing and to have a soothing effect on the mind.

The two most powerful mid-note oils used in the formula are Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmin. Both have exceptional properties including the ability to balance emotions, diminish anxiety and move you into a calm space where self-confidence is enhanced.  

For a top-note, Marioara used Petitgrain which is extracted from the leaf of the orange tree.  This exquisite oil calms anger and panic and is known to ease insomnia.  Marioara also added Mandarin oil for its ability to settle the nervous system and to regulate the metabolic processes of the body.  Lime and Bergamot are there to soothe frustration and to refresh the spirit.

The Wild Olive Terra Flora Parfum can either be bought online or you can go check out their store at 29 Peppeer St in Cape Town.


Shahnaz x