We all know I love anything Chanel and this time its their latest offering the Chanel La Creme Main. Its a handy hand cream that comes in this sleek gorgeous packaging that will make your hands feel so amazing. It literally pops into your handbag or even a small clutch bag so you can take it everywhere with you. I have never been that great with hand creams when it comes to myself I am not sure why but this makes me want to apply all day long. Its totally chic and is a definite must have.

Most people stress when it comes to makeup and how to do a smokey eye and what base to use. Makeup can be really simple and really pretty. As long as your get your skin right everything should fall into place. This look was for a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. They wanted amazing skin and a pop of colour on the lips. Its definitely a pretty summer makeup look because I have used a bold candy coloured pink lipstick. Plus paired it with a slightly rosy cheek and a pop of light pink on the eyes. The trick is getting your skincare right as well as using a base and highlighter that will illuminate your skin.

Its almost that time of year in South Africa and summer is just around the corner so its time to think about makeup and sunscreen. This post is all about my summer tips for your makeup. For me as it gets really hot I like to keep it light so that my makeup still feels comfirtable and my pores don’t get blocked. Its definitely the time to switch up foundations that are lighter on the skin and sunscreen suscreen and more sunscreen. I love to keep everything fresh and light so working with creams for blush and eyes is also a great way to keep everything light.

Looking for a perfect gift or just want to treat someone? Lingerie Letters is such a great idea and such a perfect gift. I actually found out about the service from another blogger and decided to treat myself as I am a lover of pretty things. Lingerie is something I truly love and invest in because it makes you feel great and pretty. You can either buy from their boutique or sign up to get a letter each month or just gift someone from 1,3 or 6 months. All the underwear is handmade in SA with pretty designs that are super comfortable and gorgeous on.

The gorgeous Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid lip colour landed on my desk a few weeks ago to the test out by Ruby Box. What I loved about them the most is that they are kiss proof. Now I often shy away from a  bold lip when with my husband because he complains he can’t kiss me. But with these bad boys I can wear my trusty red lip and kiss away. If you didn’t catch my previous post on the ombre lip using two of the lippies then click here or check out the model below to see how gorgeous they are.

I recently furnished our new apartment that we are renting out in Cape Town in about 3 weeks ready for our first guest. Now when you are on a limited time and budget it can be quite full on but we did it. Even though I still need to add pieces I was pretty impressed with the job that myself and my husband did. This post is all about how to furnish your home on a budget to make it look chic and expensive. Most people would hit MRP home because eveyone knows its cheaper but they don’t have a huge range. We did get pieces like mirrors and lamps but actually we got most of our pieces from POCO. Lots of people who saw our pics and came to friends that came to see the flat didn’t even know about the store. Luckily my mate is the marketing manager so we were in the know.

I love makeup of course most of us want the high end products and think that’s the best quality but of its just not realistic. I believe that you have should have a mixture of both drugstore and the more expensive products and mix it up. You don’t need to go and spend R1000+ rand on an eyeshadow palette there are great dupes out there that really do the trick. In this post I wanted to share drugstore makeup that I recommend and will not disappoint. There are certain products that you really need to invest in. But when it comes to foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and lippies go check out Clicks, Foschini and Body Shop and you will find a whole load of beauties.

This season is all about bright makeup trends with a touch of neon thrown in. Its the last month of spring and we are almost in summer in Cape Town so its really time to amp up your makeup. In my shoot last week I played with bright neon makeup that really is so simple to create without it being too crazy. Bright eyeliners and lipsticks are really the way to go with the trend. With brands like NYX and Bourjois we can play with colour without breaking the bank. Of course you can even go with bright eyeshadows if you feeling bold using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette or the NYX Ultimate Shadow in Brights (379.95).


If you’re looking for a volume mascara that will make your lashes go wow then the Lancome Big Monsieur Mascara is the one for you. It gives great volume to lashes that are in desperate need and totally open up your eyes. If its one thing that I never leave home without is mascara. I suffer from barely there lashes that need a serious pick me up and this one is the business. I have been testing the mascara on myself as well as models and beacuse Shannon (model above) looks better in pics than I do I thought I would use her image instead of mine.

I am now in the second phase of the Nimue 12 Week challenge which means introducing the Nimue Active Lotion. I am seriously really happy so far with how my skin looks and feels so super excited to see what my skin will be like at the end of the challenge. One thing I can say its really helped me up my beauty regime game at night time. I can be pretty lazy at night but with the challenge I am literally using like 4/5 products. Now with the indroduction of the active lotion its only going to get better.