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Skincare is key to to good makeup and there are certain brands that just get it right and the French well they have skincare down to a T. The PR team that look after tjhe brand in SA kindly sent me some products to test out as I am already a big fan of the product. I have been putting 5 of the products to the test while overseas and so far I am loving all of them. I have combined the Physiolift line for day and night and under eyes with the Hydrance serum and Micellar Lotion and the combination is happy skin.

Starting with the Micellar Lotion for sensitive skin (R199.95) its up there with Bioderma Sensibo. The lotion has a subtle floral scent which I actually love and is really gentle on the skin.  Mascara is usually the hardest to remove but this bad boy does it with no problems at all. Its a great start to prepping skin before you start your beauty routine and can be added with other skincare ranges as well.

The Avene Hydrance Optimal hydrating serum (R299.95) is definitely one of my favourites from all the products I have been testing. It literally does what is says and really hydrates skin especially when I have been in the sun all day. Its super light on application and just melts into the skin. The serum is combined with their Thermal water   that literally boosts your skin with hydration and you can feel it after its been applied. A goodie if you are suffering from dehydrated skin and need some love. LOVE.

The Physiolift range is a combination of a day and night cream plus an eye cream which I absolutely love. Eye cream is one of those products I can’t live without because when I am tired it shows there the most so I need seriously hydrating cream to make sure I look fresh as a daisy. The eye cream (R379.95) in this range is for anti-ageing and is really creamy and really does the trick for me. Combined with antioxidants to boost the skin’s luminosity, Vitamin A to rejuvinate the skin and hylaronic acid to hydrate and smooth the skin this is definitely my new favourite eye cream.

The Physiolift day smoothing emulsion (R399.95) really reminds me of my favourite moisturiser Embryolisse as its super light but really hydrates skin without making it to shiney. Definitely great for normal to combination skin and makes applying foundation a dream. The Physiolift night balm (R429.95) is thicker and creamier than the day so you know its working its magic while you are sleeping. My days consist of being outdoors a lot so I need a richer cream at night so by the time I wake up in the rmorning my skin feels plumped and smooth. This cream does all of that so that my complexion is happy before I get to my morning routine. Perfect for all skin types this balm will rejuvinate tired looking skin giving you a luminous complexion.

Love everything I have tried and definitely will be adding some of the products into my pro makeup kit. Available at certain Clicks stores and definitely one to try out.

Shahnaz x


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