If you haven’t heard the Balmian Hair Products have landed in SA with Glamit!!! Balmain one of the origional couture houses has launched its amazing hair care range and its just amazing. The brand has combined 40 years of backstage experience with runway trends and brings a range that truly works and is packaged so beautifully. I attended the launch last week to see some of the products in action. But as well as amazing hair products they also have hair tools that make everything else look like amateur hour. What I love about the brand is that it really has taken into account all hair types and really has a great range for ethnic hair so that you can get your curls straight and smooth in half an hour!!!


The key prodcus that Guido Rieger chatted about and that I need in my life is the Argan Moisturising Elixir that helps smooth the hair but really is a hydrating scalp serum. Apply through the roots to the middle of the hair this will help smooth crazy frizzy hair and hydrate at the same time without it being greasy. Perfect for keeping your hair in tip top condition all year round. You can apply the elixir the night before and brush into your hair so that it gets all the essential oils. Or alternatively add into your hair mask or conditioner to get even more hydration to your hair.

The Leave In Conditioner goes hand in hand with the elixir and is perfect to use after you have used heat styling tools. Guido chatted about using the product after flat ironing the model’s curly hair. You can buy the elixir and the conditioner as one package on Glamit retailing at R995.

Balmain hair range

Now the products that really got me super excited was the Dry Shampoo and the Texturizing Salt Spray thats in my hair above. Now most Dry Shampoos leave a white residue and hair can be a bit unmanageable. This one if you spray into your hands to test leaves no residue, smells great and doesn’t leave the horrible feeling on your fingers. Its perfect to get some lift and life into your hair. Combine it with the Texturizing Salt Spray and you get sexy hair with a whole lot of texture. The spray adds texture and asllows you to control the hair by srunching and moving into place with your hands. Perfect for creating gorgeous beach waves.

If you have curls then the curling cream is perfect apply to the hair and enhance you natural curls. Or if you are looking to straighten those curls then the Pre-Styling Cream is perfect. All the products enhance the moisture in your hair making it feel great as well as looking good.

Here is a sneak peak of the products and tools in action backstage:

While the hair products are not badly priced at all considering its Balmain the tools are pricey. But I suppose if the flat iron can straighten a full head of curls in half an hour isn’t worth the investment?? The Titanium Straightner retails at R4595 which will make you all go WHATTT??? But seriously its truly incredible and am working out how I will get this into my pro kit. Am thinking Christmas birthday present?? Will definitely look at the brushes for my kit they are all incredible so ladies you better get saving now.

Check out the Glamit site to see all the products as well as below I included their get the look page to see how they achieve the styles with the key products. Also check out the Balmain Youtube page to see videos on how to create the styles:



Am super excited to see what the Glamit team send my way which should be landing on my desk in a week so watch this space.

Shahnaz x

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