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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

A few weeks ago I attend the Barbor launch a German skincare brand. We tested creams and oils till there was no space on my hands or arms but the one thing that really stood out for me was this amazing cream The Barbor Skinovage PX Anti Stress Cream AKA the Jetlag cream.

I am not quite sure what’s been happening to my skin but its gone a bit crazy with break outs but only in one area. I normally have good skin and take really good care of it. So I thought why not give this cream a go and see what happens. Now the cream has an extremly soft 24hr care calm making the skin more resistant to stress including jet lag skin because it re establishes its harmonious day to night rhythm. ¬†We all know when we fly skin feels awful so will be taking this bad boy with me when I fly in 2 weeks to London.

The Barbor Anti stress cream is great for sensitive skin and is light in texture not heavy so it can be used in combination with another moisturiser. What the cream promises is visbly relaxed, calmed complexion that doesn’t result in redness and irritation even in stressful situations. What I can say is my skin has calmed down I have had no more breakouts and the area is pretty much cleared up now in about a week and a half. Normally I would test a skincare product for at least a month but because the results for me were pretty quick I wanted to share.

So what’s in this cream I can hear you all thinking?

The Alpine stems have preventative action against anti ageing, anti jet lag peptide, Alpha Bisabololand ginger to help calm the skin, Vitamin E protects against free radicals, Panthenol provides moisture and Squalene strengthens the skins natural barrier.

Now the Barbor Skinovage PX Anti Stress cream is a bit pricey at R979 but its got amazing ingredients, the packaging is beautiful and it really does help calm the skin. I know I love it.

Shahnaz x