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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

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I recently reviewed the Smashbox CC Cream and I was asked what is the difference. There are so manu products hitting the market leaving most people pretty confused. If you not a product junkie and avid trend follower it can pretty daunting. So here is the difference between the two:

The BB Cream which is a beauty balm acts as a few things a tinted moisturiser, primer, hydrates your skin, perfect skin and help with the reduction of redness and pigmentation in the skin plus has an SPF. Its a make up with some skincare benefits.

CC Cream has the same benefits as the BB Cream but really focuses on the colour correcting of skin and dealing with pigmentation plus infused with Vitamins, plumping peptides and a radiance boosting complex.

There are so many BB cream’s on the market so you need to try and works for your skin. CC Cream’s are still hitting the market so get your hands on both and see which you prefer. If there is a BB or CC Cream you love let me know and share what you think.

Hope you enjoy the post. x