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When it comes to framing a face and pulling it all together brows need to be on point. I am not talking about the crazy brow trend that we see on instagram. I love natural looking brows that are groomed and filled. They must be done in such a way it looks like they always look that way. With that in mind I would like to introduce you to getting beautiful brows with Julienne. There are 4 products in the brow range. Need to try the brow tinting on someone else as am nervous about permanently making my brows look too dark. My brows are the one thing I would rather fill if I need to rather than have them tinted.

As mentioned there are 4 products in this super affordable brow range. I didn’t show the Pomade and Brow tint in action in this post. If you follow me on insta I did chat about all the products and showed how the pomade looked.

The Brow Pomade (R119.50) is a cream brow product that comes in a pot. You take your angle brush and apply flicks of the pomade onto your brow. Personally I like to take a bit of the product and smudge out on the back of my hand and then apply. I want it to look natural so make sure you don’t have too much on your brush before you apply you can always build up. A great artist to follow is Nikki Makeup on instagram who uses pomades quite a bit and the trend is natural looking brows.

Its actually the first time I have tested out a Brow Cushion (R199.95)  this one comes with 2 shades one lighter brown and one dark brown. The product is in the sponge so you apply your brush into the product and then fill in brows. The cushion comes with a little angle brush and brow brush but here I just used one of my own.

I went for medium brown here but there is also dark brown and fair in the range. The cushion has been saturated with harmonising pigments to create the perfect colour for your brows. It dries quickly, doesn’t smudge and is supposed to be waterproof need to test that out.

Brow Tip:

Make sure you brush your brows first before applying any product. Apply flicks on the brow in the direction your hairs are and fill in where needed.

The Brow Retractable Pencil (R89.50) sadly only comes in 2 shades so for you fair ladies out there this will be too dark for you. Here I used the pencil to shape out the brow especially on the outer corner. Again use a feather light touch and try keeping it looking natural. The pen also comes with a brow brush on the other end so make sure you groom first.

Brow Tip:

Apply the product then comb through and then apply more if needed. Start with less and then build up depending on how bold you want your brows to be. If you want to really shape your brows trace a line round the brow to get the shape you want and then fill.

Here is the finished look with the cushion and pen. I have kept it really natural just defined my brows a bit. I don’t like all the focus to be on my brows it should just complete the look.

To find out more about the products go to My Julienne and to see the tint in action and how to use click here.

Shahnaz x