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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

So often I find myself browsing at sites like SPACE NK and Cult Beauty wishing we had all the products available in SA. For me its even harder coming from London where everything was accessible and I find myself living and working in Cape town and so many of the brands I love I can’t get here. I have been watching Ruby Box for the last few months who have always been known for the boxes you can buy with testers each month so ultimately you can try before you buy. Slowly they have been adding more and more brands to their site in their shopping section.

So much to my happiness I discovered that Jouer cosmetics, Marc Jacobs, NARS, Urban Decay and Laura mercier is now available on Ruby Box for the VIP insider. YEEEESSSSSS. Am currently doing a happy dance. No seriously you have no idea how great this is for your beauty addicts in SA. Nars and Laura Mercier are 2 of my favourite brands even though they are only a few items its still amazing and the new Urban Decay 3 palette is on the site too which I haven’t tried yet.

To get access to these brands you need to join in order to get access to the VIP Insider products that all these amazing new brands are under. Even though it will cost you a little to join and receive boxes you get access to these products that really truly are amazing. I am going to be signing up ASAP as I am dying to try the Marc Jacobs brand.

Happy shopping people.

Shahnaz x