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Since starting beauty blogging I spend hours every week reading my favourite beauty blogs, learning about new products and getting inspired for my own blog. Being a blogger can be daunting especially if you just starting out and are not sure what direction to go in.

For me a great blog is bang on trend with all things beauty, I love behind the scenes pics of fashion weeks as I feel like I am there. I also love to find out what’s new and amazing in terms of makeup, skincare, nails and hair products and I love watching makeup video’s.

So here is my list of beauty blogs I love:

1) Nouvelle Daily: Firstly what I love about this blog is the images they really take the time to style their shots and it always looks so beautiful. I have realised since starting my blog just over a year ago that images are so important. The content is always spot on whether its the latest product, or how to deal with problem skin to organising yourself they pretty much cover it all. I have discovered quite a few products since following this blog so definitely thumbs up for this one.

2) Into The Gloss: This blog has a complete mixture of content but its very cool and definitely on trend and they give an insight into the beauty world, models beauty regimes and great reviews. I love their Monday mood boards for beauty inspiration and what is really on trend and I love the products they share with us especially what is happening backstage at fashion shows. Its definitely a go to blog for me for information for my work.

3) Vivianna Does Makeup: Vivianna is basically the girl next door who has grown in popularity over the last few years making blogging her full time job. She keeps it really simple but really breaks it down for the average girl sharing some great tips and always has really interesting content. I never get bored when I am having a read and I love the way she writes good old English humour.

4) Lisa Eldrige: Well who wouldn’t love Lisa this blog is definitely a goodie for makeup artists, aspiring makeup artists and anyone who wants to learn about makeup application. If you want to know about a product Lisa normally has got it covered, plus her video tutorials are amazing. Need I say more?

5) Get The Gloss: A great UK blog for your all round beauty chat whether it be makeup, health, hair or lifestyle this blog pretty much covers it all. The celebrity chanel makeup artist Mary Greenwell is their resident makeup artist who has some amazing makeup tutorials as well as great hair tutorials too. A wealth of info in this one.

6) The Beauty Department: Its all about your daily dose of pretty and it is a pretty blog. What I love about this blog is they break it all down from how to create a hairstyle with shots of each step and in depth explanations or how to create a specific makeup look plus great tips and tricks. Perfect for the girl who wants to learn to new hairstyles and make makeup application a whole load easier.

7) A Model Recommends: Ruth is a model and started her blog  few years ago and has grown massvely in popularity. What’s great is Ruth sees it all from the model side whether its having her hair and makeup done to great product reviews. I really like the video tutorials they are really easy to follow and I always find out about new products when I watch them.

8) The Formula: I recently discovered this blog after it was featured in the Elle UK magazine. Its such a cool blog with insights into behind the scenes at fashion week, cool reviews and the rest. The writer is Aimee who writes beauty for and so she has got her finger on all things beauty.

9) Byrdie: Another recent discovery I really like this blog and there are lots of features posted every day covering beauty secrets and makeup tips. Cool hairstyles and how to achieve them and what is currently on trend. Anything you need to know about beauty is here and its so relevant to me being a makeup artist and hairstylist. Definitely one worth checking out.

10) Lily Pebbles: Another girl next door and close friends with Vivianna Does makeup. Lily always has fresh content posting daily which I really like and what I try to aspire to as a blogger. There are always great reviews and different ways of seeing things. As well as sharing tips on how to start a blog and all tips and tricks on how to make it interesting.

Happy reading.

Shahnaz x