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Its been a long time since I did a beauty giveaway so I making this one a goodie for you lovely people and a great way to start the weekend.

So for one lucky winner you can win the following products:

  • DKNY Eau De Toilette
  • Aura by Swarovski Eau De Perfum
  • Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eyeshadows in Seashell and Mystic Violet

So to enter the competion here is what you need to do:

  • Subscribe to
  • Leave a comment on why you should win these products
  • Only South African residents can enter

I will announce the lucky winner next week Friday 22nd August.

Good Luck.

Shahnaz x


      • shahnazlovesbeauty Reply

        Its further down the left hand side fill in your info for the newsletter.

  1. I absolutely adore DKNY but have never had enough to buy myself a bottle always looking for the stuff that would save me some bucks.After watching your very talented make up videos the eye shadows would be great items to have to try out new looks. Aura has a wonderful scent, I was lucky enough to receive a sample to try out. A beautiful giveaway thanks for the opportunity.

  2. The perfect giveaway! One fragrance and one eyeshadow each for my best friend and I 🙂 I’d love to spoil her a little

  3. I would really love to own those products because I haven’t won anything in my life. I have been saving up for a perfume and what better way to win some perfume with make-up.

  4. cadebenjamin Reply

    I would LOVE to win this! As a working mama of a VERY BUSY toddler, I hardly ever get time to even put my make-up and perfume on in the morning, so this would be a real treat, I would defs make sure I use this every day!!!

  5. I would love to win this 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love trying new make up etc and my fragrance is almost finished. This would be perfect x

  6. I would just love to win because I’ve had a rough couple months and truly in need of a spoil and a win! Whatever you subscribe is amazing and I’m in need of it all! I really would love to meet up one day to see how you work and to learn from you. You’re an amazing teacher. Much Love & Blessing, Donna Kennedy-Meyer

  7. Oooh I just love perfume and mine is now really low, running on fumes. I would love to try these as I haven’t had them yet. Please you will just make my day!

  8. Can’t seem to subscribe either ‘error message’. Please sign me up, my email is

    August is Woman’s Month and what a suitable giveaway for all the strong woman out there. I think I should win, coz these products are exactly what I need to give me the strength and confidence to be the leading lady I want to be. ❤

  9. Would love to win. My DKNY is very low and my make up collection has hit a ice berg and sunk to the bottom of the ocean after my toddler got hold of a few of my favorite make up items to see how far it will go down the loo. So im walking around these last few days with half a face.

  10. Oooh these are my favourite fragrances, I would really love to be a winner !

  11. Omg! You are so awesome.
    I love love makeup. Jist started my own blog recently.
    Would love to try the fragrances as I only have like 3 and add those gorgeous eyeshadows to my small but growing makeup collection.
    Pick me pleeeaaase!!

  12. Nicola Meyer Reply

    I would love some new perfume – tired of wearing the same fragrance. The eyeshadow colours are exactly what I like to wear.

  13. I am already subscribed to your blog;-) I really need these products to pick me up and get me ready and motivated for spring. This winter has not been kind to me so would love these gorgeous beauties.

  14. I am a firm believer of treating my skin with royal products and they will accentuate your original beauty so for me winning these three royal products would be a firm affirmation of Royal beauty :).

  15. I would love to win as I have been wanting to try out the Aura Fragrance. I love the Swarovski jewellery

  16. Two delicious fresh scents, and gorgeous eye make up, what a delightful win

  17. I would LOVE to win these! I’m almost finished my perfume and am far too broke to buy another bottle. After a hard month of shoots and pitches it would be great to be spoiled 🙂 xxx

  18. In “Charlie and the chocolate factory” Willie Wonka said something smells like “chocolate and old people. -I like that”
    I am 70 old and really hope they had say I smell awesome after winning this lovely perfume. LOL

    • Oops used son inlaws phone to enter ( silly autofill put me down as Tony) It was actually Hettie S posting. But im still 70 and want to smell awesome!

  19. Hey lovely! I’d LOVE to win as I’v really been wanting to start posting about beauty on my blog more regularly but I’m not sure where to start with products! These all look so lovely and the eye-shadows are such beaut shades, a perfect collection to start my beauty blogging with! xxx

  20. Lovely giveaway! The eyeshadows are gorgeous colours and I just love DKNY fragrances *fingers crossed*

  21. I am already a subscriber. I would love to win because DKNY Delicios is my favorite perfume and I just had a birthday. Wink-wink 🙂

  22. Ooooh exciting! Winner to be anounced today. Like in holding thumbs for this awesome giveaway. Goodluck all!

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