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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Yesterday I was asked by another makeup artist/hairstylist and good beauty hacks I could share with her to pass on to a friend. it got me thinking maybe I should share a few on my blog. Its hard for me when I get back late from a shoot and I need to spend time with my kids and need to get a post up. So I thought why not sharte some beauty hacks its quick and easy and will basically make your life so much easier when it comes to makeup application.

  1. Hate applying a feline flick to your eyes? It gets messy and the line isn’t quite right and then you just get so frustrated you give up. An easy way is to apply some take on each corner that is in line with the end of your brows. Its perfect to get a sharp line without any mess.
  2. Buying makeup is really expensive especially when there are so many items and textures out there. Fancy a creamy blush then take your concealer and matt lipstick blend in together on the back of your hand and voila a cream concealer.
  3. If you find filling in your brows a nightmare and you just can’t get the shapw right use a brow stencil that matches your eye shape and fill in with a pencil or powder.
  4. Want to turn your sheer lipstick into a matt lipstick apply the sma eshade of eyeshadow and there you have it a matt lip.
  5. If you have different skin concerns like dehydration in one area, oliness in another and so on use a different mask on different areas on your face. Its quicker and easier to get it done all in one go.
  6. Use your bronzer not only to contour your face and create definition. You can also use to contour your eyes or sweep over the lids to make your eyes really pop.
  7. Need a quick smokey eye? I take my eyeliner and apply along the lash line and then blend in with fingers. Repeat about 3/4 times to get as much product on as possible to create that smokey look without using a brush.
  8. Make your lips look fuller when wearing a bright lipstick by applying concealer around your mouth line and going over the edges with your brush of your actual lip.
  9. Struggle with puffy eyes in the morning like I do? Put your eye cream in the fridge every night and then apply the next morning. Helps reduce puffiness with cooling effect.
  10. A perfect way to  create a dewy effect without using any highlighting product is to mix you skincare in with eitther your concealer or foundation. This creates a gorgeous natural glow to your skin.
  11. To make a lip look really sharp apply a slightly lighter concealer all around the outside of your lip.
  12. Glitter and metallic lips are really in right now. If you want to add some shimmer to your lipstick use one of your pigments and take a little on your finger and press into the centre of your lips. Viola a shimmer lip.
  13. Need volume in your flat hair use a dry shampoo and spritz into your roots and then rub in with your fingers. Literally see the volume happen before your eyes. The best dry shampoo’s are the one’s that match your hair shade to avoid white roots.
  14. For that wide awake look and make your eyes and your makeup really pop apply white eyeliner into the waterline. Trust me you will thank me for the tip.
  15. Don’t have freckles but really want some? Take your darker brow powder and apply with a super thin brush on your nose and cheeks. Definitely gives that youthfulness and a different look for you without much effort.

That’s all I have time for but there are so many more so watch this sapce over the next few weeks for some more.

Do you have any favourite beauty hacks?

Shahnaz x