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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

There will be a lot of dancing this season for myself and I am sure for all of you out there this holidays season plus with it being hot here  you need to ensure your face will be staying on through the night. So here are some products that are definite essentials to keep you looking amazing:

If you looking for your foundation to last the distance then make sure you prep your skin first and do a little exfoliating to make sure your skin is super smooth and then apply your primer. Try use a primer that’s right for your skin type and it will give your foundation something to hold onto and hopefully last most of the night.

A highlighter is essential for your party look you can go either cream or powder I love both textures, apply your cream highlighter under your foundation and then reapply over the foundation use a brush to get good coverage and then pop the highlighter in your bag so you can reapply in the night if you want to add some more shimmer.

IMG_3152Go for a matt contour rather than a cream as the cream will not last through the dancing, you can even pop your contour powder into your bag in case you need to create some more definition through the night.

When it comes to your lippie a matt texture is normally your best bet especially if you don’t want to be reapplying all night. A matt lip for me works wanders because I can drink and eat and it stays put. You may have to apply once in the night which is way more convenient and means you have more time to have fun.

If you have crazy oily skin or your liquid foundation doesn’t stay even if you have applied a primer then take a powder with you so you can apply in the areas that is needed. Remember to dust off the excess before you apply because less is always more and you don’t want your skin to look too matt and dry.

IMG_3151A little shimmer is always so pretty to add to your party I lover the Mac pigments for this but these days you can get yourself one from Gosh if you don’t want to break the bank. Add a little to the inner corner of your eyes to give a pop and add dimension to your look.

Mascara is a must have and will totally open up your eyes especially if you are not going for a smokey then you want your lashes to do all the talking. Go for a volume and lengthening mascara to open them up and make your eyes look amazing. If you have crap lashes like mine then give them a quick curl with a lash curler.

Hope you enjoy your festive month and look good while doing it.

Shahnaz x