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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Every now and then I like to share pins that I love or give me a little makeup inspiration as a makeup artist. So here are some beauty pins that stood out for me and that I wanted to share with you.

I absolutely love the top know on the hair and this style is just a cool way to do it. I have done this style on a shoot before and it looks amazing especially if you have long locks.Pair it with a strong brow and a lip and you good to go.

I love anything that sparkles or glitters and the second look is amazing with the silver flecks over the eyes and onto the face. Even though its a bit much for every day you can definitely add some flecks to a night out look wither on the centre of the eye or on the lash line for a perfect party look.

The matt red lip is literally one of my favourite looks, even just a red lip transforms the whole face. Take a dark red lipstick and then go over with a red shadow to create that velvet matt lip trust me you will look amazing.

Last up there is just something about a white eyeliner, I love it and it looks amazing on. You can either try the inner eye and the outer flick like in the image or take a liner along the top lash line to a little flick or just go for the bottom waterline just to open your eyes up.

Shahnaz x