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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My brief for my shoot I recently did was a contoured clean face. Which basically meant not using any highlighter, blush and keeping the lip nude and creating flawless skin and and shading and contouring so as to enhance the features. This look is all about natural beauty and I have to say its one of my favourite looks. The images I have included are looks from the SS13 fashion weeks, we can see flawless amazing skin but so natural looking.

Here is how to create the look:

  1. Moisturise before applying your foundation
  2. Depending on your skin if you have clear skin then opt for a liquid foundation to create that seamless finish I used Mac Matchmaster on the dark skin model as Mac has a large range for all skin colours. However if you have pigmentation or bad skin opt for a cream foundation like Bobbi Brown which still gives a seamless beautiful sinish and doesn’t look heavy on the skin.
  3. Conceal where necessary and buff into the skin, opt for a blending brush like Mac 217 to really create a beautiful finish.
  4. Sweep foundation over the lids to even out skin and then take a taupe if you are a lighter skin tone or if you a really dark sweep a deep chocolate brown into the crease line to create definition. I use Espresso eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown for the dark skin model and on the lighter models I use Chanel Healthy Glow Powder in no 30.
  5. If you don’t have full brows then fill in either using a brow pencil, a powder or cream dependant on the finish. As the make up is so simple a strong brow really brings this look together.
  6. Curl Lashes and apply mascara but not too much as this look is not about full lashes but rather the structure of the face.
  7. Contour under the cheek bones you can use a taupe shadow if you are lighter skin tone I used the Chanel Healthy Glow Powder on the day again on the lighter model and for the dark skin model I used the Espresso eyeshadow as the contour. You can use a shadow, bronzer, finishing powder or loose powder to create the contour. When you contour go for 2 shades darker and buff into the skin.
  8. To finish off the look apply a lip balm first to make sure your lips are really hydrated and then take a nude lipstick to finish the look.
  9. Unless you have really oily skin only apply a little powder in the T-Zone of your face.

Hope you enjoyed the post. x