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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Whether it’s summer or winter we can still look tired or skin can appear dull. I suffer from dry skin when I am tired (being a mum of 2) and am always trying to make my skin and make up appear brighter. There are lots of little tricks, but ¬†you must have some kind of beauty routine. Always drink lots of water and make sure you wash your face day and night. But here are some steps to help you look really fresh.

1) Exfoliation is key and I have mentioned it in previous posts if you want flawless looking skin this step can’t be missed.

2) Moisturise day and night and find one that is right for you skin type.

3) Add a little shimmer into your foundation so a little Mac Strobe Cream or a brightening cream before you apply your foundation like Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which adds a little radiance to your skin.

4) Opt for a light weight foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB cream. However if you suffer from pigmentation or spots then go for a foundation and add concealer where needed.

5) Add a little shimmer into the inner corner of your eyes whether it be an eyeshadow, pigment or shimmery eye pencil and finish the eye of with mascara.

6) Add a cream eyeliner into your waterline it will make your eyes appear more awake.

7) Highlight above your cheekbone and your cupids bow.

8) If you really want to go for a bright lip and be really on trend and make your teeth appear whiter.

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Hope you enjoyed my post.