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So today I did a shoot for fellow beauty bloggers. One of the bloggers write’s for beauty magazines so she had a lot of knowledge on all things beauty. When you buy your moisturier and its in a jar or a pot sadly for the moisturier to work then you need to take it out and put the cream into a pump so that the moisturiser doesn’t get exposed to the oxygen in the air as aftter a week of purchasing your beautiful cream the reason you bought it so (anti ageing for example) would have lost its main properties! Sadly we are all victim to this and purchase creams in beautiful packaging. So next time you buy moisturiser decanter it and put in a pump.

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  • 2 May 2013

    what about if the creme is thick in texture and it cant be decantered, i have an eye cream which i very thick and in a jar what do you suggest i do.

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