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So Spring is almost upon us in Cape Town and I am off next week to France for some sun and relaxation and although I have a slight tan from the few sun days we have had I want to cheat a little and make myself look really healthy. I will explain  key ways to cheat a glowing tanned body. In my recent shoots the models with the pale skin needed to look healthy especially since we are shooting summer clothing. There are a few tricks I use to make the girls look healthy and glowing:

  • Moisturise using a deep nourishing cream this is the first step to creating a glow on the skin.
  • For your neck and chest area apply some Mac face and body with you hands to cheat some colour and make sure your face and neck are all matching.
  • Apply some highlighter on your collar bone I love Inglots Body Shimmers or Becca Luminous Skin Finish especially if you are quite pale and don’t want to use a bronzer.
  • Take a buffing brush and buff in the highlighter or a little bit of bronzer and buff down the outside of your arm to cheat that glow. For darker skin girls you can go for the dark bronzer and for paler skin girls go for something like Mac lustre drops.
  • If you legs are looking pale you can also apply some Mac Face and Body on your legs and then buff a highlighter down your legs to give that extra glow.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x


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