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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its been a while since I have actually sat down and watched other youtubers and makeup video’s. But I find that in the past month I have been catching up on some video’s and new brands that I had never tested out before. There are times we all need a little inpisration for makeup and even what tutorial I should shoot next. It also helps me see how video’s are shot and how I can really improve mine. So here are a few beauty youtubers that I am loving:

Kathleen Lights: I absolutely love her video’s as they are informative and great looks you can do at home. Kathleen realy loves Morphe and after watching her use the palettes I purchased two myself which are gorgeous. Plus happy days its available in SA. Her skin is always flawless and the makeup ius always so pretty.

Jacyln Hill: This one chats a lot which can be at bit much at times but I enjoy her video’s as she totally knows how to transform her face. She literally has a video for everything and her eyelashes video is so helpful. Its always easier to apply lashes on someone else thsn on your own face but Jacyln totally breaks it down.

Chloe Morello: Blogger and makeup youtuber Chloe is absolutely stunning and her video’s are always on trend.Recreating looks from fashion week and just pretty makeup for day or night. She always features great products which is a great source of information for me. Chloe really knows how to do great skin that looks really natural and after watching this video I am off to get the Bobbi foundation.

Linda Hallberg: A swedish makeup artist that created her own channel. I actaully came across it while seraching for the best youtubers and I came across. Linda uses my favourite palette at the moment to create a gorgeous winter eye and i absolutely love it.  Definitely a channel to check out to great some great makeup inspiration.

Watching all these video’s its definitely given me a better idea of what works when you film a tutorial so hopefully I can improve mine.

Shahnaz x