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Benefit boi-ing concealers have been my favourite for quite some time and at some point its all I chatted about. The origional boo-ing concealer (re-named industrial strength) was one that was featured in quite a lot of my makeup tutorials. Benefit have added more concealers to the boi-ing range and have made the packaging so girly and so pretty. Concealer is a must have in anyone’s makeup bag no excuses its the one product that makes everything flawless. You can even work in some concealer where needed and not bother with base if you have a good complexion. What I love is that there are choices in the range. Sadly though they only have 3 shades so only for light to medium skin tones:


Benefit Hydrating

The hydrating concealer (R295) has been around a while, its a combo of concealer and a balm to give cover and super hydration. Perfect if you suffer with dehydration under the eye are which I certainly do when I am tired. The balm contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract which keeps you hydrated for quite a few hours. Best application for me is to swipe the stick under your eye area and then pat in with fingers. Its got more of a sheer coverage so if you have crazy dark circles then this may not be the one for you. Another tip you can apply this concealer say over the industrial strength one during the dsy to give yourself that extra glow throughout the day.

benefit airbrush

Love the new Airbrush concealer (R295) its the first time I have tried this one out and it just feels so lovely. The concealer feels so soft when it touches your skin and so light. Again its more sheer so if you have some crazy redness or bad skin then this may not be the one for you. It has a more sheer to medium coverage you can build up by using a blending brush where you need to make your complexion more flawless. This soft focus concealer evens out your skin, helps cover dark circles and literally looks like you are not wearing any makeup! I would advise patting the airbrush concealer under your eyes rather than use a brush.

Benefit concealer

The Brightening Concealer (R295) is perfect for dull or tired eyes and is more full coverage but still really creamy and hydrating too. This concealer contains melon undertones to cover up any discolouration. Perfect for covering dark circles under your eye area and amazing for concealing your complexion. For your face take a blending and brush and blend over any redness or sun spots to even out your skin tone.

benefit concealer 1

Last up the Industrial strength concealer (R295) is the origional Boi-ing concealer just with a new name. Even though its heavy duty its still has a really creamy texture that blends beautifully into your complexion. It has been my go to in the past and now I have a new one its definitely staying in my makeup bag. It literally covers it all leaving a seamless gorgeous complexion and totally evens everything out. This one has a matte finish but its still hydrating and so comfortable on just make sure you apply your eye cream first.

Available online and in selected Red Sqaure stores you definitely need to xheck out which one works for you.

Shahnaz x