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Sadly I didn’t get to attend the launch for this product as I was on holiday buy the lovely Danielle from Bush Telegraph PR sent this skincare product to me to try out and review. This product is a 3 in 1 consisting of 2 serums and a cream and are numbered so you know what to apply first. This skincare product is all about fuel for your skin where the most vital form of energy needed is Adenosine Triphosphate. Energy in the form of ATP is the “epicentre of cellular life” as it has everything to do with the appearance of our skin. The BT Coctktail skincare promises to be the most forward thinking in skincare in that together all the ingredients allow for optimal cellular helath by nourishing, protecting, and enhancing the capabilities of the mitochondria; the heart of where ATP is manufactured.

Independent studies on the individual ingredients of the BT-Cocktail shows a 67% increase in ATP Production, which shows rapidly younger and healthier looking skin, refines pores and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

This is a big promise for a product so obviously I was excited to try out as I am 37 so of course the looking younger is what we all want right?

The system is a 30-45 day and promises for rapid and long lasting results to be used once per quarter.

Firstly what is ATP? Is the energy source that supports all living things and with age the body loses the stores of ATP and increases the signs of ageing. So the BT Cocktail has all the ingredients available to create the ultimate environment for the ATP synthesis resulting in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity and glowing healthy looking skin.

What the 3 products are:

Energy 1: Is a yellow serum and contains licochal-cone as a sebum regulator which helps reduce oil and lighten and brighten the skin. Ergothioneine acts as an antioxidant to defend against free radical damage and assists with the intervention of ageing. Vitacell increases cellular respiration and oxygen consumptionby 57.7%.

Energy 2: Is a clear serum contains biodynes 03, an antioxidant that offers 100% ozone protection factor, to protect our natural supply of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vitacell in the Energy 2 neutralises environmental pollutants and is excellent for tired, dull skin by enhancing its vatlity.

Enery 3: Is a cream and contains SYN-TACKS, a combination of 2 peptides greatly enhancing production of Laminin V and Collagen types IV, VII and XV1. The studies show that Syn-Tacks improves over all skin tone by 32%. Energy 3 also contains Phyto-quintescine to protect against oxidative damages that greatly impair skin functions that can lead to sensitivity and premature ageing.

There is a lot of information to take in it blew my mind on how skincare works and the ingredients involved. I think most people don’t even think about what is in a product and either go for a high end brand or beacuse the product is in pretty packaging. I am definitely a culpurate for this. What I can say is while using the products every morning I found as time went on my skin definitely looked brighter and I had a lot of comments on how fresh I was looking even though physically I felt exhausted (mum of 2 small kids). I have some pigmentation after my pregnancies and I definitely saw that there wasn’t as much on my cheeks as before I started. My skin also felt very smooth and where sometimes I can get oliness on my T-Zone my skin was not as shiney. So when so many people were telling me how great I looked I definitely think that the BT-Cocktail helped me look better and brighter.

This product retails for R1596 and in my eyes as you get older you need to care for your skin so sometimes its worth it to spend money on your skincare. I definitely think that skincare has become so key and really goes hand in hand with make up in creating that flawless and glowing finish.

I will be meeting the person behind the brand next month and report back so more on the product!

I hope you enjoyed my post. x