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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Bridal shoots can be a little on the cheesy side but shooting this Wedding Album editorial was fun and it made me look at bridal shoots in a whole different light. The theme for the editorial was Vegas motel and wedding chapel with girls that looked like they were bored and really not interested in getting married but more about looking fabulous. With a whole array of bridal dresses to choose from Wedding Album is definitely one you need to get your hands on if you are looking to get married.

Yes the makeup is a little out there but for you darker skin girls its definitely a look you can use but tone down. A pop of gold is a modern and can really make your look pop with your bridal dress. Its all about gorgeous skin, stained berry lips and a wash of Pat Mcgrath gold deposit on the eyes.

There is every style covered in this shoot from simple, to beaded, lace, gold and silk chiffon. A liitle bit of tassel, head pieces, faux fur you name it this editorial covers it




Go get your copy of Wedding Album and get inspired.

Shahnaz x