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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its that time for me to think about what I am going to have my hair look like when I renewal in March. I am pretty much going for another wedding vibe with a new dress because why not plus I am turning 40 so needed something to really look forward to. The renewal will be in Franshoek and its a garden vibe so am trying to decide how my hair should look. I have started looking on Pinterest and some of my fav magazine sites to get inspired and find a winner.

I love wearing my hair up ity definitely a fav of mine but I also want to keep it really modern with texture at the top and maybe a textured bun at the back. Alternatively I love a side plait whether its a fishtail or a more modern plait I haven’t quite decided.

I love the Dolce and Gabbana style hair that we always see on the catwalk with a head piece there is something quite beautiful about it. Or just keep it simple and have it down with some texture in the hair and just keep it totally informal but will def need some hair extensions as I don’t have a load of hair.

What’s your favourite hairstyle?

Shahnaz x