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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

With my wedding renewal being around the corner the way this year is going I have my trial next week for hair and makeup and I have been busy looking for bridal makeup references on what I would like for the day. I am pretty much treating it like I am doing the big day all over again. Last night I  complied a few references for the makeup artist so she has an idea and I am still deciding what I want. If I had my way it would be a bright lip but hubby is never a fan of lipstick. So here is my bridal makeup inspiration for those of you who are getting married and need some ideas:

I definitely love the liner/cat eye look its really elegant and just totally defines the eye. Whether I go for a smaller line or a fuller like Adele wears I will see at the trial but am definitely swaying in that direction. I am really not into the traditional smokey eye look but I came across the tan/chocolate eye where the eyes are really defined with lots of mascara, bronzed skin and a luminous complexion it just looks modern but really beautiful.

If I decide to go for the liner look do I just keep it a liner or do I go for the full defined eye with some bronze thrown in and lashings of mascara? I am not going for fake lashes just good old mascara on the day.

Last up I really love the bright lip look with a fresh luminous base with lots of highlighting especially on the eyes. My colour theme is pink so a pink lip could be pretty but would have to go matt so I don’t get any on my husband.

What’s your favourite bridal makeup look?