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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My shoot for Wedding Album Magazine got me thinking about my next beauty post while I am sitting on holiday. All brides stress about their skin and what makeup to have. So this post is all about bridal skin essentials and makeup ideas to get you thibking for your big day. If your wedding is coming up in the next few months then its time to get yourself prepped and make sure you have a whole beauty regime set up so when it comes to the day you look amazing. Plus you have key makeup essentials for the day to ensure beautiful glowing skin. Earlier this year I gifted hair and makeup to one of my good friends for her wedding day and I had some tricks up my sleeve to make sure she looked her best.

Your makeup should really just enhance your face so focus on one thing and keep everything else fresh and beautiful. This shoot was all about the princess bride whether it was cinderella or sleeping beauty but makeup was subtle. The model’s skin looks amazing and I made subtle changes to her look but each so pretty. Bronze and Golds are always a goodie, the classic red lip with the feline flick. shimmer silver eyes and a lip stain also looks amazing. Or even flushed cheeks and a pretty pink lip works beautifully. Heavy smokey eyes is always a bit much for a wedding especially if you want people to focus on your dress and your hair too. Keep your makeup simple.

Make sure you have a foundation that suits your skin tone and type there is nothing worse when the foundation looks cakey  or too heavy. A luminous liquid foundation is a winner and if you have oily skin then a stick foundation like Bobbi Brown always works a treat. Make sure who ever is doing your makeup gets your complexion right.


Your beauty routine is really key for good skin its my main focus when a bride wants to look her best. Make sure you exfoliate 2/3 times a week this will ensure all your dead skin is removed. Face masks are also really important at least twice a week. If you have different skin concerns you can apply 2 to 3 different masks at a time on each area of your face to address each issue. If you have dehydrated skin then make sure you go for moisturising and plumping masks. Definitely look at investing in a serum this makes a whole world of difference to the skin.

Don’t go for a facial the day before make sure you do it at the beginning of the week in case you get any skin reactions. You can do your own mini facial the night before so that your skin is at its best the day of the wedding.




When it came to doing Robyn’s makeup on the day I made sure her skin was plumped and seriously hydrated before i started styling hair so that by the time it came to the makeup it glided on beautifully. They key items for the day for amazing skin and what I like to combine for most of the models I work with:

Mac Prep and Prime radiance and the Lightful Serum mixed together to really plump the skin up. I pretty much use this on most skin tones that I work with and it really preps the skin for good makeup. A moisturiser just adds that extra to the skin and I have loads of favourites. The Mac Charged Water Gel moisturiser or Embryollise moisturiser are two winners.

I have started using the Body Shop Drops of Light Moisturiser and the Clarins Brightening Day Lotion and I love them both.  they are both light on application, absorb quickly and add that extra natural glow to the skin. If you are seriously dehydrated thst you can add oil drops in with your moisturiser.

Bridal pREP

If you are seriously dehydrated thst you can add oil drops in with your moisturiser. Mac and Skoon have two amazing oils that work a treat on adding that extra glow. Definitely worth the investment.


When it comes to your foundation looking amazing the trick is to add in a skin illuminator. Mac have a whole collection of strobe creams with different shades that you add into your foundation to add in that beautiful shimmer to the skin that doesn’t look heavy. Take a pea size and mix it together all over your face for best results.


Make sure your key areas are highlighted and your face is properly contoured. These elements are actually more important than your lips or eyes. Good skin means evertthing else will fall into place. If your makeup artist doesn’t have a good one then bring your own. I am currently obsessed with Mac Extra Dimension in Show Gold but there are so many to choose from depending on your skin tone.