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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

A gorgeous new range the Body Shop Drops of Light to brighten you skin, smooth and even out your complexion. With a promise to give you a beautiful luminous glow. . The products are enriched with red algea and vitamin C to help which help’s with the skin’s luminosity I got my hands on a selection of the range to test out and see what I thought and I have been busy testing out while am overseas. I definitely have a favourite out of the 3 the moisturiser but all in all I like the products plus I love the packaging.

I have incorporated the products into my every day beauty routine mixing it up with some other brightening products and overall I absolutely love the range. I love that the Drops of Light brightening serum (R275) comes with a pipette it makes it so much easier for application. The drops are supposed to lighten sun spots and overall brighten up your complexion. Sadly the serum hasn’t changed the intensity of my sun spots since I have been using it. However on the plus side my skin does appear more luminous and hydrated. I like that it quickly absorbs into my skin without it feeling sticky but just soft smooth skin. Apply after using the face wash I use 3/4 drops and massage all over my face.

Body Shop Drops of Light

The Drops of Light Pure Claryfing Foam Wash (R150) is super creamy and foamy just how I like it. I am one of those people that loves a face wash that changes when mixed with water. A creamy face wash is just a personal favourite of mine. The pure clarfying foam wash deeply cleanses and purifies the skin without stripping the skin. The face wash has a combination of red algae known for its brightening and correction benefits plus a powerful blend of Vitamin C a well known antioxidant.  I love that my skin feels super fresh and has a gorgeous natural glow.

Body Shop Drops

The Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream (R220) is amazing and my firm favourite. Its super light on application and melts into your skin giving that fresh feeling and beautiful glow. Its a goodie if you need to give lack lustre skin a boost. I loved it so much I gave it a special mention on a previous post for prepping your skin for your wedding day. Its really hydrating even though its light weight in texture.  My skin looks brighter and feels amazing after use and when it comes to applying my base just a gorgeous dewy finish that I love.

Body Shop

I can’t say that any of the range has made a drastic change in my dark spots but my overall skin texture feels great and looks really healthy. Skincare can be really expensive so this range is great as it won’t break the bank.

Shahnaz x