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Bronzer 101

As I am on holiday I thought it would be perfect to do a Bronzer 101 post, it’s one item that I can’t live without. If I had to choose 2 items out of all my makeup bronzer would be one of them. Its the key to making you look healthy while adding definition to your face.

There are so many bronzers on the market from the budget to the expensive and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash on a bronzer unless you are like me and need to have them all from the cheap to the pricey.

What bronzer works for you depends on your skin tone whether you want a shimmer to add even more glow or do you just want a matt finish which looks more realistic and gives the illusion of sun kissed skin. Or you could go the cream version option that blends in beautifully over foundation.

I have included a few in the pic but trust me I have way more at home and yes I have left out the Chanel Les Beiges Health Glow Powders which I normally write about, I thought I would give some love to other bronzers.

In this pic I have taken the charlotte Tilbury Ibiza Stick and applied onto my forehead and down the temple, under my cheek bones and along the jaw long and then blended like crazy to subtly define my face but give a healthy glow to the face and compliment the tan.

Bronzer 101 2

The Two Faced Bonjour Soliel is my latest purchase with both the matt and shimmer option as well as a highliting shimmer brick and a beautiful brush to make application easier. The bigger the brush the more coverage you get and the more natural the bronzer will look. When applying think of applying in the shape of a 3 down the side of your face and into the neck line and d├ęcolletage.

The Body Shop Honey Matt Bronzer is a great budget option and applies really beautifully I have this one for a while and absolutely love it. The NYX shimmer bronzer in BB01 its great for more medium skin tones like myself to darker skin tones this bronzer gives the illusion of a great tan.

The fairer you are the lighter the bronzer needs to be otherwise it just won’t look natural so make sure you test before you buy or go for the fair option or light option. The Clarins Bronzer is the lighter of the bronzers I have this one is in Medium which also comes with a matt or shimmer so you can use each on its own or together to give a subtle shimmer to the face.

Lastly one of my all time favs the Nars Laguna Bronzer as you can see from the pic its the one that has been used the most. This bronzer has a very subtle shimmer and looks amazing on the skin and one that has been a key staple in my kit.

Invest in a bronzer brush or use a large blush brush to apply, my current favourite is the Real Techniques Bronzer Brush. Remember when applying dust off any excess onto the back of your hands and rather build up if you need, you want the bronzer to look subtle.

What’s your favourite bronzer?