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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am obsessed with moisturiser and always have been because like my mum I have the Finnish dry legs that if I don’t constantly apply look awful and there is nothing worse than dry legs. I have tried lots of fancy ones but I always come back to the budget brands like Nivea and Dove because they just do the trick. If you haven’t tried the Nivea body cream range then you are seriously missing out.

My fav of all of them is the Rich Nourishing body cream I used this a lot on myself especially when I have been in the sun and I need some serious hydration due to its Almond Oil and and Vitamin E ingredients but its also a staple in my pro kit that I use on all the models. Not only does it hydrate but it also gives a sheen to the skin that glows, so the girls look naturally highlighted and the guys well they look pretty good too. Plus the best part its not sticky and leaves skin hydrated all day long so I am not having to reapply all the time.

The Nivea Intensive Moisturising body cream is super light due to its sea minerals and refreshing due to its blue lotus scent plus the cream sinks in really quickly into the skin. It doesn’t give the same sheen to the skin that the rich one does but it hydrates the body beautifully.

Now if you love a Cocoa Butter scent then this cream will definitely be the one for you, this one reminds me of being on holiday due to its cocoa butter scent and really gives the skin a beautiful glow and takes away the dullness espcially for the darker skin tones.

Which is your favourite one?

Shahnaz x