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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Revlon Nearly Naked and Colour Stay

I am always looking for great budget makeup that I can recommend as not everyone can afford to get their make up for high end brands.

I must admit I am really quite impressed with some of Revlon’s offerings like the Nearly Naked, Photoready and Colourstay products. I have been looking for great budget makeup in terms of powders and concealers and I found the Nearly Naked Compressed Powder and the Colour Stay Concealer which I am loving at the moment.

The Colourstay Concealer is creamy in consistency with an applicator so its easy to apply under the eye area and then you just dab in with your ring finger, its also great to even out skintone if you have any redness or pigmentation on your face. I apply where I feel I need it to create a flawless finish.

The Revlon Nearly Naked Powder really is so very light weight and sheer so its perfect to apply over the t-zone once you have applied your make up to set and to create a beautiful silky finish. I used the powder for my Fairlady Editorial shot last week to take away any shine from the darker skin model it worked wonders and looked amazing in front of the camera. The most important thing is that the powder doesn’t look cakey or heavy but just leaves a beautiful finish to the skin.

Key beauty tip: Make sure you have prepped your skin and mositurised so that your make up really does look beautiful.

Both great budget makeup buys.

Shahnaz x