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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I really am a fan of Maybelline products they have amazing mascara’s, cream shadows, foundations and now one of their newest products the Dream Bouncy Blush. I bought myself the Peach Satin and Plum Wine and I really am loving them.

Maybelline 2You can see from the plum shade my naughty 4 year old daughter got her hands on it! What can I say she follows in her mum’s foot steps. They are really light and soft in texture and give a really beautiful healthy flush to the skin hence the name. The texture is bouncy when you touch with your finger tips and melts seamlessly into the skin. What I really like is that its also buildable so you can go for the natural flush or go for a real pop of colour.

Maybelline 3This is me wearing the Peach Satin shade its so pretty and makes my skin look really healthy which is just want I want during the day time. Use finger tips to apply onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in.

Definitely a great budget product and great for those of you looking for a natural healthy look.

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Shahnaz x