Beauty Favourites


I wanted to chat about a few of my favourite Chanel beauty products today especially for those thinking of splurging but not sure what to get. Of course their eyeshadows are lovely and basically everything Chanel is lovely but here is a little selection. I have selected mostly makeup items but also with one skincare product too from the Hydra Beauty range. For me makeup is all about good skin that’s contoured and glowing so that’s why I have chosen the makeup items in this post. Chanel have quite a few foundations to choose from and it can get confusing what to go for. Here I have gone for a dewy one but their latest matt foundation is also amazing. It really depends on what look you are going for.

Its that time of the month again when I chat about all my beauty favourites for the month. This month yes I am on time unlike last month where it was half way through this month. Its all about beautiful glowing skin using face mists and highlighters as the key items and a few other bits thrown in. I wish I could have shown you the new Estee Lauder Double Wear 24HR Foundation that I am wearing.  I am waiting for the full size as just got a sample to test first to see if its the right shade. But I will be shouting all about it in the next week or so. I tried to wear as much as I chatted about in the favourites video so you can see for yourself how it looks.

Better late than never its my February beauty favourites that I finally got to film and was totally under the weather. So hope I don’t look too bad. Its been a month of lots of makeup with a focus on the lips. There is a mixture here of new and old products but ones that I am loving. I tried to cover drugstore to high end with of course Chanel being a firm favourite for skincare.

Can’t quite believe that the month of January has already flown by but here it is my January beauty favourites. Its been a quieter month of beauty and its definitely been about my personal favourites. Its definitely been about skincare and more on the budget side of things with Neutrogena being a definite favourite. In terms fd shoots its all been about natrual looking skin so no new makeup items here. But I have been loving the glowing products which I chatted about yesterday so if you didn’t see it check it out here.

I finally got to sit down over the weekend and film my best of beauty for 2016. It was a great year for discovering new skincare and makeup and I am sure I missed out on a whole load that I love but then the video would be endless and really I didn’t want to bore you. I cover all things makeup and skincare from high end to budget so there is something here for everyone.

Seems like I just filmed my September beauty favourite’s video time is going so fast. In my October beauty favourites I chat about a mixed bag. Of course with makeup being the main contender as I am surrounded by it due to my job. I have been playing around with some new goodies that I have purchased. As well as some goodies that have been sent my way to play with. Its definitely a month on taking care of your body as well as your complexion.  With oils and deep nourishing products being the order of the day.

A nude lipstick is a must have for everyone because its perfect for that every day look and also looks gorgeous paired with a smokey eye. Or even if you are into the no makeup vibe then a nude lip is the way to go. Now there are a whole load of choices out there and of course some are more pinky and some more on the tan side. I love both because every model has a different lip colour so it really depends. Here are my 4 go to nude lipsticks that are a key part of my kit and one is a newbie that I absolutely love.

Its that time of year where I have to update my makeup bag and swap out some items and add in some new ones. The weather is definitely changing in Cape Town with a lot more warmer days coming our way in October. I definitely need to be thinking about long wearing products that can handle the heat and a face mist that can keep my skin hydrated and my skin looking fresh. So here is what is in my spring/summer makeup bag:

I am currently interviewing a few people in the beauty industry about their favourite products and it got me thinking to what are my favourite beauty products of all time. There really are loads I love but I broke it down to a few that really have wowed me and I would buy again and again whether its for myself or for a shoot. So here is the list I complied of some of my all time beauty favourite picks:

Last week I chatted about some Mac repurchases that I can’t live without in my kit and its definitely one of my top brands when it comes to my pro kit. After seeing Harry Makes It Up chat about her top 10 Mac products I decided to share mine. My list is pretty different to Harriet’s with maybe one or two products that are the same. So here is my top 10: