Budget Buys


Looking for some extra love for your hair then you need to check out the Body Shop Hair Masks and Scrubs. I have actually been featuring Body Shop quite a bit recently definitely impressed with what they are offering in terms of skincare and now haircare. My fav here is the Banana hair mask because its super hydrating and my hair needs a lot of love. I train a lot so I am forever washing my hair and then styling it and hair masks just add that extra hydration.

I love makeup of course most of us want the high end products and think that’s the best quality but of its just not realistic. I believe that you have should have a mixture of both drugstore and the more expensive products and mix it up. You don’t need to go and spend R1000+ rand on an eyeshadow palette there are great dupes out there that really do the trick. In this post I wanted to share drugstore makeup that I recommend and will not disappoint. There are certain products that you really need to invest in. But when it comes to foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and lippies go check out Clicks, Foschini and Body Shop and you will find a whole load of beauties.

Being a makeup artist can mean you spend so much cash on getting your kit right. Plus making sure you have every texture and colour under the sun. Having creamy textures that you can literally paint the face with is a must when it comes to a pro kit. The Makeup Forever Beauty Flash Colour Case is a cult amongst makeup artists but its not cheap at $99. I bought one a while back because it was something I really thought I needed to have because you know all the big makeup artists have it. However along has come a Makeup Forever Flash Colour Case dupe available in SA that is a fraction of the price!! Plus its pretty much the same.

Its been some time since I have really focused on drugstore makeup. With my drugstore tutorial going live this week I thought it would be great to share what I have personally been loving. Its really been a couple of months of loads of new launches and actually I still have loads to get through. I never say no to a mascara or a gorgeous red lippie and I promise you will love my selections.

I have just started working with the brand Catrice for shahnazlovesbeauty and I have to say I like it. I have played around with a couple items quite some time ago and was pretty impressed back then. I got to choose a list of makeup items and thabks to the Cosmetixs team I actually got almost everything on my wish list. As you know I love anything to do with glowing skin so of course highlighters were at the top as well as mascara. I kept it simple wanting to try makeup that I can use to enhance the complexion. If you are looking for a budget brand then this is definitely one you should take a look at.

Introducing L.O.V makeup the sleeker relation to Essence. Its still in the budget region but its a more superior makeup brand with sexy packaging. A few items landed on my desk last month for me to test out and share my thoughts and so far I am quite impressed. L.O.V offers quite a big makeup selection from eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations and a contour kit. Sadly there are no dark foundations or concealers in the collection. Their eye and brow selection is pretty impressive with a whole range of shadows and mascara’s plus a couple brow kits and even an eye primer.

I am a massive lover of lipsticks its one thing that I can’t live without in my pro kit and when I am out and about on a night out or a girlie lunch so when Yardley dropped off these new lipstick shades (R99.95) I was very excited to try them out. Its not a brand that I would have used in the past but they definitely seem to be stepping up their game with the gorgeous Supermoist lipstck shades that are literally bang on trend with a shade for every skin tone.

I am obsessed with moisturiser and always have been because like my mum I have the Finnish dry legs that if I don’t constantly apply look awful and there is nothing worse than dry legs. I have tried lots of fancy ones but I always come back to the budget brands like Nivea and Dove because they just do the trick. If you haven’t tried the Nivea body cream range then you are seriously missing out.

Now I am always on the look out for a good budget base that will leave my skin looking dewy and look as natural as possible but to even out my complexion. Yes we all love the expensive foundations but they are more for special occassions so a good budget foundation is perfect for every day use. Revlon have bought out their new and improved Photoready Airbrush Effect foundation and its perfect for that dewy natural looking skin.