I can’t quite get my head around the fact that we are now in 2019 but here it is another year. Last year I really focused on creating a new fresh blog with pretty pictures and sharing products I love. I gave shahnaz Loves Beauty a new look and feel. This year I really want to give so much more so I really want to share my 2019 plans and goals. I know we all make new year resolutions and half the time never keep them. I know I have done that before. I have been blogging for some time now and I know I go through some ups and downs. I love it and then I hate it. But I really am focusing on making Shahnaz Loves Beauty better this year. Its going to be a year of focusing on a lot of makeup and videos will be coming your way.

This year its all about change for me in how I look and how I am approaching life. My hair has always stayed the same its a safety a net I suppose. You always see people making drastic changes when things happen in their life and its usually their hair. I always felt I had to have long hair because its more girly. This year I have been feeling more adventourous so I started by choping off my hair. If you looking to change up your hair and you are based in Cape town get your self to Savas. This is my new hair look created by Savas and I love it. I totally let him do his thing and chopped off quite a bit giving me a different look to the normal long tresses I have going on. But what I can say is that it makes me feel more confident and definitley I feel like a newer version of myself.

Its been a few weeks since I have posted anything on my blog. Sadly my site was hacked and had to get it totally rebuilt so Shahnaz Loves Beauty comes with a new look for 2018. I have never gone that long without blogging even if its the holidays but it really gave me time to re think about my blog for this new year. I definitely have some new goals and a totally new focus. I have been blogging for over 4 years and it came to a point where I totally lost my focus last year on what I wanted to do. So this year I really am going to mix it up.

I recently furnished our new apartment that we are renting out in Cape Town in about 3 weeks ready for our first guest. Now when you are on a limited time and budget it can be quite full on but we did it. Even though I still need to add pieces I was pretty impressed with the job that myself and my husband did. This post is all about how to furnish your home on a budget to make it look chic and expensive. Most people would hit MRP home because eveyone knows its cheaper but they don’t have a huge range. We did get pieces like mirrors and lamps but actually we got most of our pieces from POCO. Lots of people who saw our pics and came to friends that came to see the flat didn’t even know about the store. Luckily my mate is the marketing manager so we were in the know.

Its another month gone by and I can’t quite believe that its September already. It makes me happy that living in Cape Town Spring is here so good weather will be coming our way. I had an amazing August of learning new things, having so much fun in London and getting super fit. I am so excited for this month ahead of me with my new business I am working on so its time to get my head in the game and get busy. So here are my September goals and I really hope I achieve them all: