Since I started working with Tegan Smith on shooting for my blog I have slowly started dressing my vanity table to make it look pretty for pics. In this post I wanted to share how to affordably style your vanity table with MRP and H&M.  These brands make it super easy to add pretty pieces to your vanity table. MRP is amazing for all the fake plants, candles and inspirational pictures. H&M is great for jewellerey boxes, picture frames and cute pieces like my pineapple that I keep some of my bracelets in.

Every year I do a beach bag post. This year I am posting about my holiday essentials whether I am at the beach or just out and about (my kindle is still a holiday essential it just doesn’t look as pretty in the picture). I wanted to feature the most important things for me when I am in the sun.  I included my wireless headphones because these are key for chilling and listening to music or watching a movie on a long flight. I included an SVR face sunscreen and my beloved lip balm that I can’t live without. Plus a little bit of bronzer because even though I forego makeup while heading out to the beach or pool I still need a little something.

I recently furnished our new apartment that we are renting out in Cape Town in about 3 weeks ready for our first guest. Now when you are on a limited time and budget it can be quite full on but we did it. Even though I still need to add pieces I was pretty impressed with the job that myself and my husband did. This post is all about how to furnish your home on a budget to make it look chic and expensive. Most people would hit MRP home because eveyone knows its cheaper but they don’t have a huge range. We did get pieces like mirrors and lamps but actually we got most of our pieces from POCO. Lots of people who saw our pics and came to friends that came to see the flat didn’t even know about the store. Luckily my mate is the marketing manager so we were in the know.

I love it when my mum comes to stay because she is always full of amazing healthy food ideas. I am the kind of person if I find something that works I stick to it but it can get pretty boring. Breakfast for me is so important because I am starving when I wake up I am starving. Plus I need fuel to get me through the morning and not snack on rubbish. This new healthy breakfast I have been trying is all thanks to my mum. Everything in the ingredients is totally natural bought from the health food store with some fruits added in for flavour.

Last week I was treated to a spa day by the lovely Penny that owns the new Silver Forest Spa in Somerset West. Now if you have been following me for a while you know I love my skincare and I love going to the spa. Its a gorgeous newly built lodge and spa tucked away in the forest making it the perfect weekend get away. Plus there are some amazing specials happening right now so its a definite must. I took my mum with me as she is visiting me from overseas and had the perfect mum daughter day out.

I came across the mono shop this morning after trying to find clothes rails available in SA. As soon as I hit the site I couldn’t stop staring at everything and wanting it all. Its all about super simple decor that looks cool and so contemporary. Of course I bought the rail for my spare room and to house lots of new pieces that just don’t fit in mine anymore. But now I find myself back at the site wanting to buy some more pieces.

I came across this Entertainer app actually by chance and am really so happy about it. Another lifestyle blogger started following me on Instagram and from there I checked out the blog and then saw the post about the app. Its great because you just register with the city you are based in and voila loads of deals. The festive season is literally so expensive especially when you have to entertain your kids as well. The app covers restaurants, wine farms and even some kids activities so really something for everyone here.

An oasis of heaven right in the middle of the Waterfront I absolutely love the new Life Day Spa. The team kindly invited me to come experience the spa and spoilt me with treatments, skincare goodies and even fed me. After shooting all day it really was a welcome treat. On arrival you are greeted with friendly smiling faces and already as soon as you step through those doors you already feel relaxed. Love going to the spa its the best way to get away from daily stresses of life and take a breath.

I started organising with my pro kit which has now rolled out to my vanity table. I can be a little disorganised at times with makeup in my handbags, bathroom and office and am always looking for what I need. After cutting all my lipsticks I kept what I needed for myself so that I don’t have to rummage through my kit anymore and find the right shade. This month is all about getting organised and making my life clutter free even down to my wardrobe. I am focusing on organising my vanity table with all my personal makeup and makeup brushes are in one place.

I have been struggling to sleep the past month for the first time ever in my life and its not been fun. I would either lie awake for hours or wake up at 4am and just can’t sleep. Taking sleeping pills definitely isn’t an option maybe here or there but definitely not every night. I am definitely into anything natural so after asking around and reading some blogs. I now have found natural remedies that help you sleep and work a treat. I tested them both out together and even my insomniac husband slept like a baby.