The gorgeous Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Lipsticks landed on my desk last week and boy are they pretty. I am definitely  a Chanel girl though and though and when it comes to the lippies I can’t get enough. I got to test out the 3 new beautiful shades of which one is the Rouge Allure Ink Fusion the pink/red shade and the gold and berry shade are the Allure Ink. All gorgeous quality that look so pretty on and are so easy to apply. I love the lipstick packaging with the frosted glass case that just feels really luxurious.

I like to keep my makeup pretty simple during the week. For me its all about glowing skin with lots of highlighter. In this post I chat about some of my go to products for my every day makeup look. Its pretty much on the luxury side of makeup at the moment for me but I always change it up. I am just loving all these products I am currently using. Usually I have little time to get ready so I like to keep it simple. I do change up my lips depending on my mood but I kept it pretty simple here.

I am really loving my Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation. I only got it a couple months ago and I love the finish that it gives my skin. Here I am using the Swiitch beauty blender to apply it in as it really gives a seamless finish. I really do love a liquid foundation as it really adds to the glow on my skin.

For the eyes I keepo it as simple as possible in the day and usually amp it up at night or if I have somewhere special to be. The Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer in Rum Gilded Bronze can be used either as a highlighter for darkler skin tones but I like to use it on my eyes. It really compliments my eye colour and just adds something to my overall look. I really do love a bronze eye. Just sweep some on and blend out the edges.

I have a few mascara’s as its the one thing I can’t live without. One of my favs is the Pat Mcgrath Fetish Lashes it just gives the volume my lashes need. For me mascara totally transfoms my eyes from looking a bit dead to totally wide awake eyes.

I can’t live without bronzer whether its cream or powder depends what look I want. Here I am using my cream Soleil de Tan Chanel bronzing base as it adds to that overall glowng sunkissed skin. Apply with a contour brush on all ther areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. You can really build up the tan with this product and add some warmth if you feeling on the pastey side.

Blush adds that extra pop to the complexion I am pretty partial to a pink or a peach. I love this Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush as it has a shimmer so just more glow. Apply onto the bottom of your cheeks and swipe all the way up to the cheek bone.

Highlighter, highlighter and more highlighter is what I love. I have quite a few in my personal stash as its just the one thing that makes everything look amazing. Becca Cosmetics have it down when it comes to highlighter. I know I have been banging on about this one but I just love it. Its the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. You can only by the liquid form here in SA on Muse Beauty.

Look how pretty that glow is. Apply the highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, bridge of your nose, cupids bow and you can pop some on your brow bone.

I love this Clarins Lip Perfector in no 19. I chatted about this new shade last week if you didn’t see check it out here. The lipstick gives that wet gloss look so it definitey compliments the glowing skin.

Et Voila the finished look. Its super simple with no fuss at all. Healthy glowing skin with a pop on the eyes and cheeks.

Shahnaz x

The Oh So Pretty Clarins Joli Blush And Lip Perfector landed on my desk last week and I love love love. I have used the Instant Natural Lip Perfector in the past but this one is just known as the Instant Lip Perfector. I am assuming its been renamed as the texture feels the same and gives a real wet gloss effect.  I am all about a natural every day makeup look for myself and a blush and gloss really help pull that look all together. I love the packaging of the blush and how it looks on everything is just really pretty.

When it comes to framing a face and pulling it all together brows need to be on point. I am not talking about the crazy brow trend that we see on instagram. I love natural looking brows that are groomed and filled. They must be done in such a way it looks like they always look that way. With that in mind I would like to introduce you to getting beautiful brows with Julienne. There are 4 products in the brow range. Need to try the brow tinting on someone else as am nervous about permanently making my brows look too dark. My brows are the one thing I would rather fill if I need to rather than have them tinted.

As mentioned there are 4 products in this super affordable brow range. I didn’t show the Pomade and Brow tint in action in this post. If you follow me on insta I did chat about all the products and showed how the pomade looked.

The Brow Pomade (R119.50) is a cream brow product that comes in a pot. You take your angle brush and apply flicks of the pomade onto your brow. Personally I like to take a bit of the product and smudge out on the back of my hand and then apply. I want it to look natural so make sure you don’t have too much on your brush before you apply you can always build up. A great artist to follow is Nikki Makeup on instagram who uses pomades quite a bit and the trend is natural looking brows.

Introducing the latest new Chanel eye collection that launches in SA this month. I got to play with one of the Les 4 Ombre’s eye quads in blurry mauve, the waterproof stylo in Black Wood and Le Revolution Volume de Chanel mascara in Burgundy. The whole collection has 4 beautiful quads to choose from and then you choose the liner and mascara to match. The collection was created by Luca Pica and its all about second skin smokey using just 3 products. Its all about self expression and playing with colour. I love the colour mascara’s as it really creates an alternative to the usual black.

Over the years I have tested out loads of different foundations of course when you are a makeup artist you are always trying new things. Being a beauty blogger means I also get sent products so I have been really lucky. In this post I wanted to chat about some of my some of my current fav foundations. The majority here are on the luxury side and I promise I will chat about my drugstore fav’s really soon. But I do believe if you are going to invest in makeup then invest in a good foundation.

I wanted to chat about a few of my favourite Chanel beauty products today especially for those thinking of splurging but not sure what to get. Of course their eyeshadows are lovely and basically everything Chanel is lovely but here is a little selection. I have selected mostly makeup items but also with one skincare product too from the Hydra Beauty range. For me makeup is all about good skin that’s contoured and glowing so that’s why I have chosen the makeup items in this post. Chanel have quite a few foundations to choose from and it can get confusing what to go for. Here I have gone for a dewy one but their latest matt foundation is also amazing. It really depends on what look you are going for.

I have been super impressed with the drugstore brand Revolution Makeup especially with their eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. I got my hands on the UK blogger Revolution Makeup Soph X palette and wanted to do an every day look. This palette is a mix of matt and metallic with a few really bold shades. What I love about the palette is you can really work an every day look as well as bump it up when you need.

To say I love the Pat Mcgrath makeup is an under statement but boy is it expensive. The Pat Macgrath Bronze Seduction palette is the most expensive palette I have ever bought but I love it. Of course being the most famous makeup artist her palette’s weren’t going to be cheap. What I can say is that the packaging is beautiful and the pigment of the eye shadows are gorgous quality and will definitey go a long way. In this post I did a quick easy bronze eye and finished it off with a contoured and highlighted complexion.

Been busy testing out a couple drugstore brands Revlon and Maybelline to see if I can acheive a flawless complexion. Here I combined the Revlon Colour Stay Full Cover Foundation which is matt and the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer. I am absolutely in love with the concealer it works a treat its definitey good bye dark circles. The foundation actually looked good on my skin but it may not be good for everyone. When I wear a matt foundation I make sure I have really hydrated my skin with a good skincare routine. The trick is that skin doesn’t dry out.