The Beauty Edit


On my trip to Europe last month I treated myself on some makeup goodies for the first time in ages. I either get makeup to review or I buy makeup for my kit. The Nars Skin Deep Pallette plus the Natasha Denona and Fenty Beauty goodies are all for me. I am definitely not sharing those with the models I work with. The Nars palette is so pretty with warm neutral matt shades and then some gorgeous shimmer shades. I love the rust shade so I went with that for this makeup look.

The Soap Brows phenomenon is happeining in the UK and after seeing it in action on instagram I got my hands on some too. Lucky for me I got one of my fav models Morgan to bring me one all the way from London. I actually first saw the Soap Brows Kit in action on Nikki Makeup’s instagram account. Its all about natural groomed bushy brows that give a gorgeous shape to the whole face.

There is often a time when I have serious limited time to clean my bushes so sometimes I just have to use a brush cleaner. On my travels in London I picked up the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette to test out on cleaning my makeup brushes. Its actually the first time I have used this kind of palette before and I really like it. I have tested a special brush soap from Mii Cosmetics which worked a treat too. However this palette is mess free and cleans the brushes so well.

For me who came from London to live in South Africa 10 years ago the online beauty shopping in SA was non existent. Cool fashion and makeup brands were no where in sight. Beauty shopping online don’t even get me started. Its still light years away from the States and Europe but I finally feel we are actually getting somwhere here. There has always been the usual suspects like Mac and Bobbi Brown and your usual drugstore brands like Max Factor and Revlon. Finally we have some clever women that have taken it upon themselves to set up beauty websites that are actually offering cool makeup and skincare brands. I finally feel I don’t have to panic so much and wait for a trip overseas or beg my friends to bring me goodies.

When it comes to makeup brushes I literally can’t get enough. I am always on the look out for new brands that have been tried and tested. I have had my eye on My Kit Co brushes for quite some time especially since I discovered James Molly in Instagram. He is the founder of My Kit Co plus has an amazing makeup school in London. He is a magician with makeup and is constantly posting such stunning work using the brushes.

There are a whole range of My Kit Co brushes  choose from from sets, pro and limited. I looked at what I was missing from my kit and started from there. Looking at James’s Insta I knew I had to get my hands on the tiny liner to create that defined precise line. See James Molly’s latest look posted to see how amazing this brush is. I can’t wait to test it out on a beauty shoot. The hairs on the brush are really compact allowing for ultimate precision.

I purchased the My Ultimate Bronze and shade plus My Face Fan to create amazing definition and highlighting. Those are the large brushes to the left and are both super soft to the touch and work wonders. Its literally like applying silk onto your face the hairs are so soft.

I seemed to have struggled finding with good lip brushes and have finally found two that I love. The My Full Pout and My Fill and Line. The Full Pout brush makes applying the perfect lip quickly and easily and that’s what I need when I am doing touch ups. The Fill and Line brush has a curved head making it easy to follow the curve of the lips and then fill and voila a perfect lip.

Last up I opted for the brow brush as I don’t have a brush this big in my kit. Iats got stiff brittle hairs thats absolutely for perfect groomed brows and get all the hairs into place.

Am definitely going invest in some of their foundation brushes when I get to the UK in June. As well as the amazing brushes they have great bags and organisers and my favourite which I have the Brush Buddy. If you any friends in the UK then you nedd to get your hands on some of these amazing goodies.

Check out his video’s on the My Kit Co site to see the brushes in action and check out James Molly Makeup Artist on instagram to get super inspired.

Now when you know when you have a friend arriving from London well you mind starts to go a little crazy. I mean the lists start to go a little crazy and I want everything. I have been busy researching instagram, top makeup artists and other bloggers to see what I need in my life. Plus don’t get me started on My Kit Co. I already have a few of their items now the brushes are calling my name. Its been a really busy season for me and I realise I just don’t have enough makeup palettes. (HA HA really its true). So here is my beauty wish list:

Love Love Love the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte lipsticks that landed on my desk to play with. I love a matte lippie and I love lipstick in general. Its just one of those things that totally changes up your look and freshens everything up. My lipstick collection is starting to get on the crazy side because I never know what shade I will need when I go to a shoot. Often I get a brief and then it totally changes so I need every shade there is for every skin tone. A matte looks cool plus it stays on so you don’t have to be applying every time you sip a drink and for me thats really important.

Yesterday I was asked by another makeup artist/hairstylist and good beauty hacks I could share with her to pass on to a friend. it got me thinking maybe I should share a few on my blog. Its hard for me when I get back late from a shoot and I need to spend time with my kids and need to get a post up. So I thought why not sharte some beauty hacks its quick and easy and will basically make your life so much easier when it comes to makeup application.

Now known as NYX Professional Makeup its a brand that has impressed me from the very start. The products like the pro lip palettes definitely give the likes of Mac a run for their money because its good quality and good prices. For me walking into the drugstore makeup section NYX Professional Makeup has always stood out as that brand that makeup artists would go for. So when the new NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Palettes landed on my desk I knew I was in for a treat. I already put the warm neutrals to the test on Saturday and definitely a hands up from me.

Its definitely not anything I have used before when it comes to cleaning brushes. The latest Mii Cleanse and Condition Brush Balm is a new way to clean bushes effectively and still keep all their softness. I was asked by Mii to be one of their BFF’s with the launch of the new product. As I really have become a fan of the brand I jumped at the chance straight away. The balm comes in this cute packaging that looks like a soap and will literally be your brushes new best friend. Yes please.